Custom Transfer

Take the stress out of crossing the border!

We collect you from your location in Israel/Palestine, and transfer you across the border to your choice of destination in Jordan.

Vehicle Options:

car 1

Taxi: up to 3 passengers

van 2

Van: up to 6 passenger

Allenby/King Hussein or Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Border Crossing?


There are 2 border crossing points that are easily accessible from Jerusalem:
1. The Allenby Bridge/King Hussein Crossing, near the Dead Sea (approx. between Amman and Jerusalem).
2. The Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing in the north (approx. between Beit She’an and Irbid, about 2 hours from Jerusalem or Amman).


IMPORTANT: Since the closest border crossing to Jerusalem is the Allenby/King Hussein Bridge, this would be the preferred option. You are, however, only allowed to enter Jordan at this crossing point if you already have your visa to Jordan. This can either be issued by a Jordanian embassy (i.e. in Tel Aviv, Ramallah, or your home country). Another possibility is, that you have already entered Jordan and left via the Allenby Bridge and you are still within the date of your original 30 day tourist visa. Without your Jordan Visa, you have to enter at the northern Jordan River crossing point, where the Jordan authorities do issue visas at the border.

We assume that you don’t have a visa to Jordan pre-arranged, and therefore plan the transfer by default via the northern Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing. However, if you do have your Jordan visa in advance, let us know! It will save you time and money.

Standard Shuttle Bus or VIP Service?

The Jordanian and Israeli terminals are approximately 5km apart at Allenby, and 1km at the Jordan River crossing. There are two ways to get from one to the other – the shuttle bus or the VIP van.


Shuttle Bus: The shuttle bus costs 7 JD pp ($10), plus 1.50 JD ($1,50) per each luggage checked in the bus hold at Allenby/King Hussein Crossing; 1,6 JD pp ($2,5) at Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing. The first shuttle bus from the Jordanian terminal leaves around 8:30am, from the Israeli Terminal around 9.00am. After that the shuttle leaves every 1-2 hours. There is no regular schedule.


VIP Service: The VIP Service is a provision run by the staff at the borders to enable faster crossing. The service includes “VIP” waiting rooms, assistance with immigration, security and luggage; plus a private van shuttle between the terminals. Usually clients go to the front of any queues. The VIP service can save lots of frustration, speed up the crossing considerably (especially when the border is busy) and allow it to be done more comfortably. Crossing from Jerusalem to Jordan, using the VIP service means you normally get through the border in 1 hour (without, it can be up to 4 hours on a busy day). Please note, the VIP service doesn’t mean you get less checks, and you still may have to wait if the authorities want to ask you any questions. Please let us know if you would like to use the service, as this affects the timing of the onward transportation.


The VIP service is paid for directly at the border. The cost is $115 pp, per journey at Allenby/King Hussein Crossing, and as follows at Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing:
1 person ($71 USD)
2 people ($54 USD per person)
3 people ($48 USD per person)
4 people ($45 USD per person)
5 people ($43 per person)
6 people ($42 per person) at Sheikh Hussein Crossing.


Generally, our recommendation is:
Use the shuttle bus if you feel the VIP service cost is too high.
If you want to spend some money to save time and hassle, then take the VIP Service (especially recommended at Allenby/King Hussein Bridge when returning from Amman to Jerusalem in the morning).
If money is not a worry at all then take the VIP service both ways: from Jerusalem to Jordan and from Jordan back to Jerusalem.

Other Fees


Besides the transport costs, there are other fees that you have to expect when crossing the borders:


  • Exit taxes…
    …from Palestine/Israel: NIS 179 pp ($50) at Allenby/King Hussein Crossing; NIS 105 pp ($30) at Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing.
    …from Jordan: 10 JD pp ($15) at all land borders.
  • Visa to Jordan: usually 40 JD pp ($60) (different conditions apply for groups).

Click here for…
…general travel advice for Jordan.

  • You will have two different driver/vehicle on each side of the border, due to restrictions on vehicles crossing.
  • Luggage must fit in the vehicle. Make allowance for the amount of luggage you have.