About Us

Why travel?

Make new experiences, broaden your horizon, gain perspective, create lifelong memories.

Travelling means more than to change our physical location in the world. It allows us to step away from the norm, to see new places and meet new people, to gain perspective on everything we’re doing in our everyday lives. It’s the time when we dream about life, what we want, where we are going.


This is why we at Experience Jordan Adventures want to provide opportunities to truly experience and engage with a different culture and some of the world’s most amazing natural wonders. Our trips allow you to really see Jordan, meet people, hear their stories and experience their diverse cultures – to have a life-altering journey.

Why travel with Experience Jordan Adventures?

We specialize in adventure and experiential tours of the Middle East, offering hiking, biking and experiential sightseeing tours. Our experienced guides will take you off the beaten path, to see the real highlights of the region, meet the people, experience their hospitality, and taste the delights of the Middle East.


We aim to be the best inbound tour company in the Middle East, offering you the perfect trip, tailored to your specific requirements – all that at affordable prices and with excellent customer service.


We know you’ll love our trips, because they are all the result of our own adventures around the region, sharing all the authentic treasures we have found and love. Everyone in the Experience Jordan Adventures team loves exploring and we’re here to help you create the perfect tour for your needs, whether it’s sightseeing, hiking, cycling or family adventures. Do you want to stay with a local family, sleep under millions of stars in the desert, cook Arabic food, explore local markets, ride a camel, engage with the people or even learn some Arabic greetings? Our international team has travelled the world, so we know what it’s like to be travellers and aim to give you outstanding service.


We really believe we can provide you with the best holiday you’ve ever had … anywhere. Let us take care of the arrangements for your holiday of a lifetime!

Matt Loveland
Matt Loveland

Matt is our Co-Founder. Since falling in love with Jordan in 2008, he has been using his diverse background as a chartered Engineer, Project Manager, and Climbing Instructor to realize his vision: Creating experiences that are life changing for both travelers and local communities.

Ayman Abd-AlKareem
Ayman Abd-AlKareem

Ayman is our Co-Founder and General Manager. His passion for travel drove him to study history, archeology, and sustainable tourism. Then after university, he shared his love of the country and its hidden gems for many years as a guide, specializing in adventure. His smile, positivity, and passion led him to become one of the best guides in Jordan and later to become our General Manager.

Anton Al-Sager
Anton Al-Sager

Anton manages our adventure tours. The most stunning routes, nicest hotels, best local experiences? Through many years of training as a road cyclists, and almost as much time working in the Jordanian biking and adventure tourism scene, he knows them all! 

Tala Dabain
Tala Dabain

Tala Dabain is one of our most experienced tour designers, specialized in adventure. Herself a passionate hiker (and our in-house photographer!), she knows the best trails in the country, and will make sure you get to know them, too!

Firas Al-Hmood
Firas Al-Hmood

Firas started to work as a part-time cycling guide at age 16! Today, he holds a MA degree in Global Sports Management, organizes our Cycling Tours, speaks 5 languages (Arabic, English, German, Russian, and Korean), and always keeps up the team spirit with his jokes – all while also pursuing a career as a professional triathlete.

Raísa Jorge
Raísa Jorge

Raisa holds a degree in Journalism but has become one of our tour designers by passion. As an adventure seeker, she is a fortunate person who has chosen two careers leading to the greatest experiences one can possibly have: New places, tastes, people and their life-changing stories.

Andy Nurse
Andy Nurse

Andy is our Business Development Manager. After having moved here with only his backpack, his first task with Experience Jordan Adventures was the development of the Jordan Bike Trail. Camping from north to south swept him off his feet – he was hooked. 

Reyad Afaneh
Reyad Afaneh

Reyad joined Experience Jordan Adventures in 2018. As our financial manager, taking care of budget and accounts, and getting everyone to fill their time sheets in time is his daily life. But his past as a professional table tennis player in Jordan is full of glory and victories!

Mansour Mansour
Mansour Mansour

Mansour, with us since the beginning of the adventure, is the one who manages all the transportation across the country. He and his team are making a point to take excellent care of all our customers, and that’s why they are the best! 


Jawad Abu Rumman
Jawad Abu Rumman

Jawad is one of our licensed tour guides who is appreciated by all who get to know him. Whether in Ajloun, the Dead Sea or in a Wadi, he enjoys adventure and sharing the beauty of Jordan with others. Spending time with him is the best way to forge unforgettable memories in Jordan.

Mahmood Attal
Mahmood Attal

Mahmood’s positive energy is always a comfort to the people around him! But beyond this quality, he is ambitious, open to learning new things, and loves adventure. In his free time, you can see him climb all the mountains of the country.

Ahlam Serhan
Ahlam Serhan

Ahlam is our go to girl for anything: besides being a licensed tour guide, she is also a qualified architect and yoga instructor, tour designer, project manager and the all round coolest girl in town who enlightens our day with her happy laugh.

Furat Mai
Furat Mai

Furat is very passionate about being outdoors and exploring the world around him by hiking or cycling. Before joining our family, he graduated as a mechanical engineer. So if you have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, he’s the one you want on your tour!

Lama Hamdan
Lama Hamdan

The first female guide to thru-hike the Jordan trail, and since then she is always out on trails, somewhere experiencing new adventures and interacting with the local communities. Her love and passion for nature and the outdoors drove her to changing her career from graphic design and branding into getting her license in guiding. Lama is also involved in several eco-tourism and sustainability projects. 

Mahmood Khatatbeh
Mahmood Khatatbeh

Raised between the ancient columns of Jerash and forests of Ajloun, Mahmoud harnessed his surroundings to become one of the top Adventure guides in Jordan, through trekking, climbing, canyoning and motorcycling he always shows the magical secrets of Jordan’s ancient past and gives a unique experience of a lifetime.

Mahdi Hanini
Mahdi Hanini

Mahdi is one of our licensed guides who has been working in tourism for the past 16 years. He’s a family guy who is passionate about culture, likes travelling and meeting new people which is what motivated him to become a tour guide. He’s known for his sense of humor and entertaining his clients.


Before becoming a licensed tour guide, Wael lived as a free bird in the fields and mountains of Jordan.
Now, his mission is to give you the best experience of his country.

Nader Saleh
Nader Saleh

As his father before him, Saleh loves working as a tour guide. He, himself a family man, believes: “Touring guests of Jordan is truly a privilege I hold dear. I believe life is one big learning experience, and as far as those go, I think nothing beats traveling and meeting people and place.”

Mahmood Bdoul
Mahmood Bdoul

Mahmood Bdoul was born in one of the ancient caves in Petra, and spent his childhood as a goat shepherd in the mountains around the ruined city. Today, he is a legend on his own, famous as a hiking guide everywhere in Jordan and far beyond the country’s borders.

Improving lives through Adventure Tourism in Jordan

Our goals are to…

..delight our customers by providing exceptional experiential and adventure tours of Jordan.

…create exciting, meaningful and rewarding careers for our staff and shared wealth for owners, employees and partners alike.

…employ passionate people working for good in Jordan – to improve the lives of our customers, suppliers and the wider community.

Be the best company in Jordan

Experience Jordan Adventures seeks to be financially and ethically successful as the leading provider for adventure and experiential tours of Jordan, improving lives of customers, staff, suppliers and the wider community through continually innovating, pioneering and developing the growth of adventure tourism in Jordan in a socially and environmentally ethical and sustainable manner.


We aim to treat others as we would like to be treated.

The world needs more love in it. We try to let love guide how we act, loving our customers, caring for each other and our suppliers and partners. We aim to treat others as we want to be treated, with love, respect, honour and compassion. We value diversity, with a very varied team of fantastic people from different backgrounds, genders, nationalities and religious views. We care about our team and want people to fulfil their potential. We aim to provide career opportunities for our team to continually grow and develop in their roles.


We strive for excellence and to be the best at what we do.

We are a customer service company creating dream holidays. We want to wow our customers, with outstanding service, based on our in-depth experience and attention to detail helping guests to enjoy the wonders of the country. We are determined to continually improve, being available, reliable and responsive to our customers’ needs. We love to take on challenges creating new and interesting tours, delivering beyond expectations.


Improving lives through adventure tourism in Jordan

Our mission is to

  • delight our customers by providing exceptional experiential and adventure tours of Jordan.
  • create exciting, meaningful, and rewarding careers for our staff and shared wealth for owners, employees, and partners alike.
  • employ passionate people working for good in Jordan – to improve the lives of our customers, suppliers, and the wider community.

We love what we do, and hope that comes through as you Experience Jordan Adventures with us.

Sustainable Tourism

What’s that ?


“A tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities”


As an intermediary in the tourism industry, we are in the best position to promote new practices and behaviour suitable for sustainable tourism issues. In order to follow the sustainable tourism principles; at Experience Jordan Adventures we are committed that the experiences we offer help to protect and replenish the environment and create wealth and better futures for communities across Jordan.

Economic responsibility

“The Jordan Trail”


We are one of the companies that helped with the development of the “Jordan Trail” which is a long-distance hiking trail in Jordan through 52 villages and towns on its way, including some of Jordan’s poorest communities. . The trail is helping to create new adventures and generating income across Jordan through job creations and market opportunities.


In 2014 and 2015 one of our team, Amjad, spent his time hiking and mapping the length of the entire country.  This work has been combined with the work of other companies, hikers and guides from across the outdoor scene in Jordan, and now a national trail association has been established to ride this project.


“The Jordan Bike Trail”


We developed the “Jordan Bike Trail” (JBT). We developed the Jordan Bike Trail with the aim of growing cycling in Jordan and creating a project that many Jordanians could be proud of and benefit from. The JTB is an innovative concept mixing sustainability and adventure and now provide locals more of a voice within the tourism sector in Jordan. USAID has helped us along the way on this project in which we are endeavouring to show off Jordan’s treasures while promoting economic development in rural communities


All along the way cyclist are welcome to stay in local homestays. As these families are located in rural areas, they are able to serve traditional meals made from local ingredients. During our adventures, we also promote local handmade souvenirs, which are another important income.


An important part of  who we are is to pay above market rates to everyone we work with.

Environmental Responsibility


Out of a love for nature, we are committed to environmental conservation. Thus, we work every day to improves our practices in favour to the current ecological needs. To support this change we have an extensive Information / sensitization “brief” on each tour.




On a daily basis, we apply a strict waste policy. To meet the current challenge, we have established some measures such as:


    • The reduction of paper wastes through the organizations’s ongoing digitization campaign,
    • use reusable water bottles instead plastic ones,
    • select food without additional packaging,
    • replacing plastic cutlery by reusable cutlery, and using tupperware containers for taking out rather than getting a new plastic bag,
    • implementing a recycling plan for the office, in which one of our employees regularly takes our offices recyclable materials to a recycling plant.


In order to answer the global current ecological challenge, we inform travelers about waste impacts and pollution in Jordan.


Mobility’s damages

In addition to the most traditional method of transportation, walking, that is the best way to reduce the carbon footprint, we use bikes. Bikes, besides being fun, are an alternative way to reduce our traces.



Contribution to protected areas

In each protected area, we go through, we take care to follow the regulations of the administrator (Royal Society Conservation of Nature or Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority). We generate income for nature conservation by visiting protected areas with entrance fees, such as Dana Nature Reserve or Wadi Rum protected area.




Our licensed guides are trained to take measures to limit disruption to the ecosystem. In addition, our team strives to show the importance of each animal in the nature’s balance and Jordan’s heritage.


According the critical lack of water in Jordan, we work at reducing water consumption in each step of our trails. Ask customers to take short showers, considering they are in an arid area. We educate the customers on the real water value in Jordan and the main issues according to its scarcity. We also conscientiously select our partners, according to their practices.

Animals treatment

We’re aware of the mistreatment of animals in some place of Jordan, that’s why we make sure to conscientiously choose our partners. We make sure to follow guidelines such as those from the Brooke organization for animal treatment . We are particularly conscious about the role of animals in Petra, and donkeys on our hiking trips. Among other issues, we advise our clients and ensure that we do not play a role in overloading these animals.

Social responsibility

We do our best to continue to improve our social responsibility. Below are the points we are committed to.



Women’s Empowerment

We’re proud to be a local company employing a growing team of awesome Jordanians. Our team is over 50% female, and we are happy for our small role in improving women’s economic participation in Jordan. We also provide training to our staff and have developed a team of in-house, Jordanian, Licensed Tour Guides.



Child exploitation

Many young Bedouins drop out of school at an early age to work in tourism. That’s why we make sure that none of our suppliers exploit children, a particular issue in the main tourist sights in southern Jordan.



Cultural impact

We provide pre-trip information on sensitive cultural points, such as, alcohol, photography, religion, politics, dress code. Please find more details here in country Jordan information section.


Another way to minimize the impacts: a local guide

Each community has its own tradition and culture. That is one reason why when we introduce travelers to local communities communities we often use a local guide who knows the community the best.



Social projects

In the places we cross, we support and promote social projects which are living as experience for the customers. In order to help these project leaders, volunteer travelers are invited to participate in rural activities such as olive picking, bread making … Those trips are also open to locals which is beneficent for social links within Jordan.

Help us to make a difference!

 Every day, our team strives to find new solutions in favor of sustainable development. However, we are open to all suggestions, so if you have any cool ideas, please do not hesitate to write us! 

In 2004 whilst at university I wrote a business plan for a “life changing” tour company, life changing for both the travellers and the local people. The vision was for tours where the travellers see and experience the real destination, off the beaten path, engage with the people and culture and where the locals truly benefit through ethical and responsible tourism.  I wanted to create a business that I believed in, one that both I and others would enjoy working for.

My own life has been changed and shaped by my travels and encounters with so many people around the world, and I wanted to create experiences that were equally life changing both for travellers and the locals.

In 2008, after time living in China, the US and back in my home England, I moved to Jordan and fell in love with this historic and beautiful country and its amazing people. Experience Jordan Adventures was born. We aim to provide authentic adventures and the best tours of Jordan, where you truly experience this wonderful country, enjoy the hospitality of its generous and kind people, learn about the culture, history and even language and have lots of fun.

As part of our commitment to the people of Jordan, we continue to pioneer new tours and experiences to create jobs and generate income for our local partners throughout the country, both in Amman, but also in the rural communities and Bedouin families across Jordan.

All our staff share a passion for adventure and a love for Jordan.  We are always out looking for new treasures, undiscovered natural hot springs, exciting cycling trails, beautiful walks or camping spots to watch the sunset, relax and drink Bedouin tea.

Let us help you to Experience Jorda Adventures !

Matt Loveland – Chief Experience Officer

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The Jordan Trail

Jordan Trail logo1 Copy

The Jordan Trail is a project that came about with the effort of many people, and was slowly but increasingly built up over a 20-year period. Our interest in the idea of the Jordan Trail came naturally from our outdoor pursuits. A vast number of trails crossing the country existed already, and we started with joining our friends Tony Howard and Diane Taylor, long time explorers and adventurers, in trying to join up all the pieces. We hired a young adventurer to work full time on the project from 2013 to 2015. Together with other Jordanian and foreign hikers we would research on Google Earth and maps and then drive around, endlessly scouting for the best paths, before finally walking and GPS-ing routes.

Local communities often were invaluable in pointing out and showing old walking and shepherding trails, as well as in providing limitless qualities of sweet tea. Next was map making and incorporating all the information in a website. By 2015, the project was getting too big and needed to be formalized. We helped set up an association to continue the development of the Jordan Trail. Since its inception, the Jordan Trail Association has become the focal point for, and taken the lead in developing the Jordan Trail. We remain supportive and active in any way we can.

The Jordan Bike Trail

biketrail logo Copy 3

The expertise and knowledge our team gained during the development of the Jordan Trail massively helped with realizing Experience Jordan Adventures’ very own Jordan Bike Trail project – a 730km, mixed-surface bike route that travels the length of Jordan from North to South.

The trail runs through the main historical and natural wonders of Jordan. It starts in the rolling hills, olive groves, and farms of the North; continues across the dramatic canyons of the Dead Sea region; and passes the remarkable landscapes of Dana, Petra, and Wadi Rum, before finishing by the Red Sea in Aqaba. Roughly 60% of the route is paved, including most of the major climbs, while the remaining 40% follows mostly dirt roads. In some sections the bike trail follows the Jordan Trail. However, a hiking trail has different design constraints to a biking trail, so in many parts our team spent its time and expertise to scout and choose better alternative routes for cycling.

As part of our commitment to create income opportunities for Jordan’s communities, and to facilitate true encounters between locals and tourists, Experience Jordan Adventures supported families along the newly created Jordan Bike Trail to establish home stays, where they can host bikers and other travellers.


Starting in 2013, Experience Jordan Adventures played a leading role in establishing and promoting Triathlon competitions in Jordan. In 2013 and 2014 we arranged the Jordan Valley Triathlon, at the Jordan Ecopark in the north of Jordan. In 2015, in partnership with the Jordan Triathlon Federation, we started the Dead Sea Triathlon, which has continued to run under the management of the Federation.

Impressions of the Jordan Valley Triathlon (2014)