Meet the team

The best team in Jordan - in the office and in the field!

Meet our Co-Founders

Ayman Abd-AlKareem - Experience Jordan Adventures

Ayman Abd-AlKareem

His passion for travel drove him to study history, archeology, and sustainable tourism. This unique combination of subjects and his years of experience working as an adventure guide gave him a strong foundation in various destinations' historical and cultural significance while understanding the importance of sustainable tourism for preserving natural and cultural resources. His expertise and passion for adventure tourism led him to become one of the founders and the CEO of Experience Jordan Adventures, and ATTA Ambassador of Jordan.

Matt Loveland - Experience Jordan Adventures

Matt Loveland

Since falling in love with Jordan in 2008, he has been using his diverse background as a chartered Engineer, Project Manager, and Climbing Instructor to realize his vision: Creating experiences that are life changing for both travelers and local communities.

Mark Khano - Experience Jordan Adventures

Mark Khano

Mark was born and raised in Jerusalem with a British mother and Palestinian father. He joined the family tour company upon completing University in the UK. His passion was the outdoors and new experiences which led him to eventually cofound Experience Jordan Adventures.

Meet Our Office Staff

Anton Al-Sager - Experience Jordan Adventures

Anton Al-Sager

Anton manages our adventure tours. The most stunning routes, nicest hotels, best local experiences? Through many years of training as a road cyclists, and almost as much time working in the Jordanian biking and adventure tourism scene, he knows them all!

Tala Dabain - Experience Jordan Adventures

Tala Dabain

Tala holds a bachelor’s degree in Italian-English literature. She joined the Experience Jordan Adventures team back in 2016 to pursue her passion for hiking, adventures, and photography. She now manages our adventure tours! Tala enjoys sharing her experience and passion for travel, adventure and hiking by creating meaningful journeys to anyone who has the desire to visit, experience Jordan and help them plan their next adventure! When Tala is not working, you can find her hiking somewhere in Jordan!

Raísa Jorge - Experience Jordan Adventures

Raísa Jorge

Raisa holds a degree in Journalism but has become one of our tour designers by passion. As an adventure seeker, she is a fortunate person who has chosen two careers leading to the greatest experiences one can possibly have: New places, tastes, people and their life-changing stories.

Shushan Lusikyan - Experience Jordan Adventures

Shushan Lusikyan

​Born in Armenia, married to a Jordanian, and now a Jordanian citizen, Shushan speaks 5 languages (Armenia, English, Russian, French, and Arabic). She has lots of tourism experience, working in the industry since 2011. Passionate about Latin dance, swimming, and travel, she is a welcome addition to our team.

Abed El Rahman Zayed - Experience Jordan Adventures

Abed El Rahman Zayed

Abed joined the team as Operations Manager in 2019. An MBA in Hospitality & Tourism from Switzerland and many years of experience in the industry have made him solid as a rock and able to handle any emergency.

Andy Nurse - Experience Jordan Adventures

Andy Nurse

Andy is our Business Development Manager. After majoring in International Business, he moved abroad with only his backpack. Shortly later, he joined us, and his first task was to help develop the Jordan Bike Trail. Camping from north to south swept him off his feet. He was hooked!

Nour Al Jamal - Experience Jordan Adventures

Nour Al Jamal

Nour is a Tour Designer. She is bilingual; she speaks English and Spanish. Her fondness for languages led her to the tourism field. She is passionate about traveling and trying new things. Nour is in love with adventures and trips, so she will assist you with passion in designing your tours.

Mohammad Mahasebji - Experience Jordan Adventures

Mohammad Mahasebji

Mohammad is our digital marketing and social media specialist and is involved in the business development. Originally, he is a civil engineer, but his obsession with technology, online and business stuff brought him to us. Beyond his professional pursuits, Mohammad has a deep passion for the outdoors, cycling and exploring new landscapes. This connection to nature fuels his creativity and provides a refreshing perspective on his work.

Firas Al-Najdawi - Experience Jordan Adventures

Firas Al-Najdawi

Firas is a passionate and dedicated member of our operations team. With a degree in hotel management and extensive experience in the hospitality industry, he is well-equipped to offer exceptional service. In addition to his professional expertise, Firas has a profound passion for classic cars and photography. With his attention to detail and commitment to excellence, Firas consistently brings a high level of quality to everything he does.

Dania Najjar - Experience Jordan Adventures

Dania Najjar

Dania is a tour designer sculpting unique experiences that resonate with her passion for exploration. She started as a dream of becoming a pilot; now turning that passion into personalized journeys for fellow adventurers. Fueled by an eagerness to travel, explore and navigate the world, she’s found her place as a tour designer.

Yahya Mubaideen - Experience Jordan Adventures

Yahya Mubaideen

A member of a big family with many international friends, Yahya grew up as an open-minded, tactful, proficient in English, honest individual & with a bachelor of computer engineering, yet while interested in everything and on a quest to associate with the best, he found his place amongst us in doing more of what the world needs.

Anas Assad - Experience Jordan Adventures

Anas Assad

Anas is a skilled cycling operations officer and guide, as well as a experienced hiker and handyman. He is known for his resourcefulness, having built his own furniture using recycled materials. Anas is dedicated to empowering youth and marginalized communities through outdoor projects, driven by his passion for outdoor recreation and making a positive impact.

Anas Al-Naji - Experience Jordan Adventures

Anas Al-Naji

Anas is our professional senior accountant skilled in financial statement preparation, budgeting, and forecasting. With a background in business consulting, he offers expertise in strategic financial planning and analysis. Anas excels in identifying key trends and delivering valuable insights for optimizing business performance.

Mansour Mansour - Experience Jordan Adventures

Mansour Mansour

Mansour, with us since the beginning of the adventure, is the one who manages all the transportation across the country. He and his team are making a point to take excellent care of all our customers, and that’s why they are the best!

Meet Our Guides

Mahmood - Experience Jordan Adventures


Mahmood’s positive energy is always a comfort to the people around him! But beyond this quality, he is ambitious, open to learning new things, and loves adventure. You can see him climb the country's mountains in his free time.

Furat - Experience Jordan Adventures


Furat is very passionate about being outdoors and exploring the world around him by hiking or cycling. Before joining our family, he graduated as a mechanical engineer. So if you have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, he’s the one you want on your tour!

Ahlam - Experience Jordan Adventures


Ahlam is our go to girl for anything: besides being a licensed tour guide, she is also a qualified architect and yoga instructor, tour designer, project manager and the all round coolest girl in town who enlightens our day with her happy laugh.

Lama - Experience Jordan Adventures


The first female guide to thru-hike the Jordan trail, and since then she is always out on trails, somewhere experiencing new adventures and interacting with the local communities. Her love and passion for nature and the outdoors drove her to changing her career from graphic design and branding into getting her license in guiding. Lama is also involved in several eco-tourism and sustainability projects.

Mutaz - Experience Jordan Adventures


After being a paramedic, firefighter and a rescuer, Mutaz made a career shift to be a tour guide. His knowledge, enthusiasm and experience make your trip special and unique. He always do his best to make his guests feel at home and make them feel like a local as well, giving them a taste of what it is like to be Jordanian . No matter how far they’ve traveled to get here! His aim is providing the most helpful and the best quality of tour guide services for our guests.

Wafa - Experience Jordan Adventures


Wafa is one of seven female guides specializing in trekking and hiking tours in Jordan; she finished her Master's degree in Interaction and Education from Lyon 2 - France. She's an expert in adventure products and eco-tourism. Her passions are nature, travel, and dancing Argentina Tango.

Mutaz - Experience Jordan Adventures


Mutaz is one of the first licensed trekking guides in Jordan. He rejoices in curating a once-in-a-lifetime experience, discovering cultures and local communities, and building a real human connection with his adventure acquaintances.

Muhammad - Experience Jordan Adventures


Muhammad studied tourism guidance as a university major, with passion and love. He seeks to be the first in his field. He is passionate about spreading the authentic values ​​and customs of Jordanian society. He speaks Turkish and English.

Msallam - Experience Jordan Adventures


In the heart of Jordan's enchanting landscapes, there emerges a spirited guide and modern-day nomad, Msallam, whose life's compass is eternally set towards the horizon of adventure. Born under the vast Jordanian sky, Msallam embodies the spirit of exploration and the boundless curiosity that defines a true adventurer.

Mahmood - Experience Jordan Adventures


Raised between the ancient columns of Jerash and forests of Ajloun, Mahmoud harnessed his surroundings to become one of the top Adventure guides in Jordan. Through trekking, climbing, canyoning, and motorcycling he always shows the magical secrets of Jordan’s ancient past and gives a unique experience of a lifetime.

Firas - Experience Jordan Adventures


Firas started to work as a part-time cycling guide at age 16! Today, he holds a MA degree in Global Sports Management, speaks 5 languages (Arabic, English, German, Russian, and Korean), and always keeps up the team spirit with his jokes – all while also pursuing a career as a professional triathlete.

Mahdi - Experience Jordan Adventures


Mahdi is one of our licensed guides who has been working in tourism for the past 16 years. He’s a family guy who is passionate about culture, likes travelling and meeting new people which is what motivated him to become a tour guide. He’s known for his sense of humor and entertaining his clients.

Wael  - Experience Jordan Adventures


Before becoming a licensed tour guide, Wael lived as a free bird in the fields and mountains of Jordan. Now, his mission is to give you the best experience of his country.

Nader - Experience Jordan Adventures


As his father before him, Saleh loves working as a tour guide. He, himself a family man, believes: “Touring guests of Jordan is truly a privilege I hold dear. I believe life is one big learning experience, and as far as those go, I think nothing beats traveling and meeting people and place.”

Mahmood - Experience Jordan Adventures


Mahmood was born in one of the ancient caves in Petra, and spent his childhood as a goat shepherd in the mountains around the ruined city. Today, he is a legend on his own, famous as a hiking guide everywhere in Jordan and far beyond the country’s borders.

Jawad - Experience Jordan Adventures


Jawad is one of our licensed tour guides who is appreciated by all who get to know him. Whether in Ajloun, the Dead Sea or in a Wadi, he enjoys adventure and sharing the beauty of Jordan with others. Spending time with him is the best way to forge unforgettable memories in Jordan.

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