Sustainability & Environment

Sustainable Tourism

What’s that?

A tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities

As an intermediary in the tourism industry, we are in a good position to promote new practices and behavior suitable for sustainable tourism.

In order to follow the sustainable tourism principles; at Experience Jordan Adventures we commit that the experiences we offer help to protect and replenish the environment as well as create wealth and better futures for communities across Jordan.

Environmental Responsibility

Out of a love for nature, we are committed to environmental conservation. To encourage environmental responsibility, we have an environmental information & sensitization “brief” on each tour.


We have established some measures to reduce waste such as:

  • The reduction of paper waste through the organizations’ ongoing digitization campaign,
  • Reusable water bottles, and refilling stations instead of single-use plastic bottles and cups on our tours,
    • Single-use Plastic Bottles (1.5L size) Saved Per Year:
      • *2023: 5988
      • *2022: 3,480
      • *2021: 1,750
      • *2020: 950
      • *2019: 2,340
  • Reduced plastic usage by changing our local supplier lunch box packaging from plastic bags to reusable lunch boxes.

*Approximate numbers. We’ve had fewer tours in 2020 and 2021 than in 2019 due to Covid, so that is why the number of Single-use Plastic bottles “saved” is lower in those years.

Mobility’s Damages

Many of our tours include hiking, the lowest carbon and least destructive form of transportation. In addition, we love our cycling tours. Bikes, besides being fun, are another form of low carbon, low environmental impact form of transportation.

Contribution to protected areas

In each protected area we go through, we take care to follow the regulations of the administrator (Royal Society Conservation of Nature or Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority). We generate income for nature conservation by visiting protected areas with entrance fees, such as Dana Nature Reserve or Wadi Rum protected area.


Our licensed guides are trained to take measures to limit the disruption to the ecosystem. In addition, our team strives to show the importance of particular animals in Jordan’s ecology and cultural heritage.


Due to the critical lack of water in Jordan, we ask customers not to take long showers. 

We often educate customers about Jordan’s water issues, both political and environmental. We also conscientiously select our partners, according to their practices.

Animal Treatment

We’re aware of the mistreatment of animals in some places in Jordan. Accordingly, we conscientiously choose our operational partners and ensure our tours follow guidelines such as those from the Brooke organization for animal treatment . 

We are particularly conscious about the role of animals in Petra, and donkeys on our hiking trips. Among other issues, we advise our clients and ensure that we do not play a role in overloading these animals.

Environmental Organizations

Sustainability Policy

Read our detailed Sustainability Policy here: Sustainability Policy

For questions and remarks related to our sustainability policies, please contact

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