Meet the guides

Meet the guides

Meet the guides

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Jawad Abu Rumman - Experience Jordan Adventures

Jawad Abu Rumman

Jawad is one of our licensed tour guides who is appreciated by all who get to know him. Whether in Ajloun, the Dead Sea or in a Wadi, he enjoys adventure and sharing the beauty of Jordan with others. Spending time with him is the best way to forge unforgettable memories in Jordan.

Mahmoud Attal - Experience Jordan Adventures

Mahmoud Attal

Mahmoud is the youngest licensed guide in our team, and his good mood is always a comfort to the people around him! But beyond this quality, he is ambitious, open to learning new things, loves adventure. In his free time, you can see him climb all the mountains of the country.

Ahlam Serhan - Experience Jordan Adventures

Ahlam Serhan

Ahlam is our go to girl for anything: besides being a licensed tour guide, she is also a qualified architect and yoga instructor, tour designer, project manager and the all round coolest girl in town who enlightens our day with her happy laugh.

Furat Mai - Experience Jordan Adventures

Furat Mai

Furat is very passionate about being outdoors and exploring the world around him by hiking or cycling. Before joining our family, he graduated as a mechanical engineer. So if you have a flat tire in the middle of nowhere, he’s the one you want on your tour!

Nader Saleh - Experience Jordan Adventures

Nader Saleh

As his father before him, Saleh loves working as a tour guide. He, himself a family man, believes: “Touring guests of Jordan is truly a privilege I hold dear. I believe life is one big learning experience, and as far as those go, I think nothing beats traveling and meeting people and place.”

Mahmood Bdoul - Experience Jordan Adventures

Mahmood Bdoul

Mahmood Bdoul was born in one of the ancient caves in Petra, and spent his childhood as a goat shepherd in the mountains around the ruined city. Today, he is a legend on his own, famous as a hiking guide everywhere in Jordan and far beyond the country’s borders.

Wael - Experience Jordan Adventures


Before becoming a licensed tour guide, Wael lived as a free bird in the fields and mountains of Jordan. Now, his mission is to give you the best experience of his country.

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