Our Responsibility

Social, Environmental, & Economic Responsibility

Sustainable Tourism

What’s that?

A tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities

As an intermediary in the tourism industry, we are in the best position to promote new practices and behavior suitable for sustainable tourism issues. In order to follow the sustainable tourism principles; at Experience Jordan Adventures we are committed that the experiences we offer help to protect and replenish the environment and create wealth and better futures for communities across Jordan.

Environmental Responsibility

Out of a love for nature, we are committed to environmental conservation. To encourage environmental responsibility, we have an environmental information & sensitization “brief” on each tour.


We have established some measures to reduce waste such as:

  • The reduction of paper wastes through the organizations’ ongoing digitization campaign,
  • use of reusable water bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles and cups on our tours,

Mobility’s Damages

Many of our tours include hiking, the lowest carbon and least destructive form of transportation. In addition, we love our cycling tours. Bikes, besides being fun, are another form of low carbon, low environmental impact form of transportation.

Contribution to protected areas

In each protected area we go through, we take care to follow the regulations of the administrator (Royal Society Conservation of Nature or Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority). We generate income for nature conservation by visiting protected areas with entrance fees, such as Dana Nature Reserve or Wadi Rum protected area.


Our licensed guides are trained to take measures to limit the disruption to the ecosystem. In addition, our team strives to show the importance of particular animals in Jordan’s ecology and cultural heritage.


Due to the critical lack of water in Jordan, we ask customers not to take long showers. 

We often educate customers about Jordan’s water issues, both political and environmental. We also conscientiously select our partners, according to their practices.

Animal Treatment

We’re aware of the mistreatment of animals in some places in Jordan. Accordingly, we conscientiously choose our operational partners and ensure our tours follow guidelines such as those from the Brooke organization for animal treatment . 

We are particularly conscious about the role of animals in Petra, and donkeys on our hiking trips. Among other issues, we advise our clients and ensure that we do not play a role in overloading these animals.

Our Responsibility

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The Jordan Trail

We are one of the companies that helped with the development of the “Jordan Trail” which is a long-distance hiking trail in Jordan through 52 villages and towns on its way, including some of Jordan’s poorest communities. . The trail is helping to create new adventures and generating income across Jordan through job creations and market opportunities.

In 2014 and 2015 one of our team, Amjad, spent his time hiking and mapping the length of the entire country.  This work has been combined with the work of other companies, hikers and guides from across the outdoor scene in Jordan, and now a national trail association has been established to ride this project.

The Jordan Bike Trail

We developed the “Jordan Bike Trail” (JBT). We developed the Jordan Bike Trail with the aim of growing cycling in Jordan and creating a project that many Jordanians could be proud of and benefit from. The JTB is an innovative concept mixing sustainability and adventure and now provide locals more of a voice within the tourism sector in Jordan. USAID has helped us along the way on this project in which we are endeavouring to show off Jordan’s treasures while promoting economic development in rural communities.

All along the way cyclist are welcome to stay in local homestays. As these families are located in rural areas, they are able to serve traditional meals made from local ingredients. During our adventures, we also promote local handmade souvenirs, which are another important income.

An important part of who we are is to pay above market rates to everyone we work with.

We do our best to continue to improve our social responsibility. Below are the points we are committed to.

Women’s Empowerment

We’re proud to be a local company employing a growing team of awesome Jordanians. Our team is over 50% female, and we are happy for our small role in improving women’s economic participation in Jordan. We also provide training to our staff and have developed a team of in-house, Jordanian, Licensed Tour Guides.

Child Exploitation

Many young Bedouins drop out of school at an early age to work in tourism. That’s why we make sure that none of our suppliers exploit children, a particular issue in the main tourist sights in southern Jordan.

Cultural Impact

We provide pre-trip information on sensitive cultural points, such as, alcohol, photography, religion, politics, dress code. Please find more details here in country Jordan information section.

Another way to minimize the impacts: a local guide

Each community has its own tradition and culture. That is one reason why when we introduce travelers to local communities communities we often use a local guide who knows the community the best.

Social Projects

In the places we cross, we support and promote social projects which are living as experience for the customers. In order to help these project leaders, volunteer travelers are invited to participate in rural activities such as olive picking, bread making … Those trips are also open to locals which is beneficent for social links within Jordan.

Every day, our team strives to find new solutions in favor of sustainable development. However, we are open to all suggestions, so if you have any cool ideas, please do not hesitate to write us!

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