North to South
(3 Days)

Visit the top sights of Jordan with us!



This is a 3-day tour for those staying in Jerusalem, and other points in Israel/Palestine. It starts and ends in Jerusalem or elsewhere in Israel/Palestine (supplement applies) and we will take you on a journey to explore Jordan’s most beautiful places from the North to the South.


Tour Highlights:


Ajloun & Jerash – Follow the traces of Ayyubids, Greeks and Romans.

Amman – Visit the vibrant capital city

Madaba & Mt Nebo – Discover ancient mosaics and enjoy stunning views over the Holy Land.

Dead Sea – Float at the lowest point on earth.

Petra – Marvel at the majesty of one of the Modern World Wonders.


At 6:30am (suggested time) you will be collected from your location in Jerusalem and transferred to Jordan River / Sheikh Hussein Border Crossing.


On the Jordanian side you will visit the 900-year old castle of Ajloun, built to ward off the Crusader armies at the key trade and pilgrimage intersection between Jerusalem, Cairo, Damascus and Mecca. From there, the tour continues to the ancient Roman city of Jerash – with its colonnaded streets, mosaics, baths, theaters, temples, and hippodrome an awesome blend of Eastern and Western architectural traditions.


Continue south to Amman, and where you will stay overnight.

Tala Jerash 7

Once arrived at the Jordanian side, you will be transferred to Amman, to visit both the modern downtown, now the economic, political and cultural center of Jordan, and the old Citadel, which includes the Temple of Hercules and historic palaces, as well as stunning views of the modern city.


After that, drive to the town of Madaba and discover the amazing Byzantine mosaics excavated in different locations throughout the town. Especially worth seeing is the ‘Madaba Map’, the oldest preserved mosaic map of the Holy Lands. Continue to Mount Nebo and enjoy the view where, according to tradition, Moses looked across to the Promised Land, and later died and was buried.


Drive on to the Dead Sea. Float and relax at one of the resort hotels. Enjoy the sunshine at the lowest point on earth, whilst trying out the invigorating mud bath to cleanse the skin. After taking in the beautiful sunset, we will continue south to Petra, and stay overnight in a hotel or Bedouin Camp near the site.

652 TJ Jordan Inspired HS5D7236

On the second day you will visit Petra, one of the new seven wonders of the world. Carved into the red rocks of the desert cliffs thousands of years ago by the ancient Nabataean people, Petra was hidden under sand for centuries before recently becoming accessible again. You can wander through the red canyons, discover the treasury, the amphitheater, royal tombs, a monastery and many other sites, and walk in the tracks of Lawrence of Arabia and India Jones.


Depart from Petra around 3pm to return to King Hussein / Allenby Bridge. Continue to Jerusalem where we will drop you off at your destination.

Petra 3
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The Siq in Petra

Price Includes


    • Transport by experienced driver in air-conditioned vehicle.
    • Two nights accommodation in a 3-star hotel.
    • Optional one night accommodation in the ‘Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp’ near Petra.
    • Buffet dinner and breakfast.

Price Excludes


    • Entrance fees.
    • Jordanian Visa.
    • Exit taxes.
    • Transfers between border terminals and optional VIP Crossing Services.
    • Guides.
    • All tips to guide&driver.
    • Personal items.
    • Everything not mentioned in the inclusions.

All tours are run in private, air-conditioned vehicles, with excellent drivers.


Accommodation is based on 3-star hotels or a Bedouin Camp in Petra. If you prefer a more luxurious experience, there are 4 or 5 star upgrade options.


We have English speaking, government-licensed guides available for all our tours. Alternatively, you can choose the driver-only option.
Another option would be to hire a local guide in Petra, (this can be arranged at the visitor’s center – customer to pay directly), who will accompany you for up to 3 hours (fee not included in tour price).


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Early Border Closing on Friday and Saturday

Please be aware that the Allenby Border Crossing closes early on a Friday and Saturday (around midday or sometimes earlier on busy days), so we don’t recommend finishing a tour on these days. It is possible to finish a transfer later on a Friday or Saturday by returning via the northern Jordan River / Sheikh Hussein crossing point, which closes slightly later on these days. This adds about 2 hours to the whole trip and increases the cost.


Border Crossing Options – Standard Shuttle Bus and VIP Service

The Jordanian and Israeli terminals are approximately 5km apart at Allenby, and 1km at the Jordan River crossing. There are two ways to get from one to the other – the shuttle bus or the VIP van.


Shuttle Bus: The shuttle bus costs 7 JD pp ($10), plus 1.50 JD ($1,50) per each luggage checked in the bus hold at Allenby/King Hussein Crossing; 1,6 JD pp ($2,5) at Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing. The first shuttle bus from the Jordanian terminal leaves around 8:30am, from the Israeli Terminal around 9.00am. After that the shuttle leaves every 1-2 hours. There is no regular schedule.


VIP Service: The VIP Service is a provision run by the staff at the borders to enable faster crossing. The service includes “VIP” waiting rooms, assistance with immigration, security and luggage; plus a private van shuttle between the terminals. Usually clients go to the front of any queues. The VIP service can save lots of frustration, speed up the crossing considerably (especially when the border is busy) and allow it to be done more comfortably. Crossing from Jerusalem to Jordan, using the VIP service means you normally get through the border in 1 hour (without, it can be up to 4 hours on a busy day). Please note, the VIP service doesn’t mean you get less checks, and you still may have to wait if the authorities want to ask you any questions. Please let us know if you would like to use the service, as this affects the timing of the onward transportation.


The VIP service is paid for directly at the border. The cost is $115 pp, per journey at Allenby/King Hussein Crossing, and as follows at Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing:
1 person ($71 USD)
2 people ($54 USD per person)
3 people ($48 USD per person)
4 people ($45 USD per person)
5 people ($43 per person)
6 people ($42 per person) at Sheikh Hussein Crossing.


Generally, our recommendation is:
Use the shuttle bus if you feel the VIP service cost is too high.
If you want to spend some money to save time and hassle, then take the VIP Service (especially recommended at Allenby/King Hussein Bridge when returning from Amman to Jerusalem in the morning).>
If money is not a worry at all then take the VIP service both ways: from Jerusalem to Jordan and from Jordan back to Jerusalem.


Other Fees


Besides the transport costs, there are other fees that you have to expect when crossing the borders:


  • Exit taxes…
    …from Palestine/Israel: NIS 179 pp ($50) at Allenby/King Hussein Crossing; NIS 105 pp ($30) at Jordan River/Sheikh Hussein Crossing.
    …from Jordan: 10 JD pp ($15) at all land borders.
  • Visa to Jordan: usually 40 JD pp ($60) (different conditions apply for groups).