Wadi Rum Trek

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Wadi Rum Trek

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Explore the wild desert of Wadi Rum. Gaze at the stars in the desert. Listen to stories around the campfire. Leave no trace upon the landscape.


Hike though Wadi Rum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a protected area, also known as the “Valley of the Moon,” “The Valley of Heights,” or sometimes “Mars.” Starting from Disah Village in Wadi Rum, you will head south and walk through the desert between dramatic rock formations. Along the way you will pass by one of the highest peaks in Jordan, Jebel Um Ishrin. The day’s hike is slightly uphill. Then at the end of the day, you will sleep under the stars in a wilderness camp prepared by Bedouins.

Overnight: Wilderness Camping

Distance: 12K
Ascent: 982 m
Descent: 62 m
Time: 6-7 Hours ​ ​
Challenge: Moderate​

Continuing south, you will hike as you enjoy the endless views over mountains and sand colors varying from light tan to brick red and narrow canyons that were cut deep into the huge sandstone mountains.​

Overnight: Wilderness Camping

Distance: 10.5
Ascent: 161 m ​
Descent: 58 m ​
Time: 6 Hours
Challenge: Easy

We start this day near Jebel Burdah, the famous natural rock bridge, if it’s clear enough, you will be able to see it from distance. From there, you will start heading back north. Walking through Al Barrah canyon, you will come across massive rock formations and rippled sand dunes. If you ware lucky, you might also catch some camels passing by.

Overnight : Wilderness Camping

Distance: 11K
Ascent: 100 m ​
Descent: 169 m ​ ​
Time: 6 Hours​
Challenge: Moderate

On this day, you will hike back to Disah Village, finishing a 4 day trek through the dramatic
desert of Wadi Rum. Hiking through Jebel Al Riddah Al Beidah valley with it’s beautiful cliffs,
where you might find some rock climbers enjoying the cliffs, and passing through Um Al
Tawaghi valley and Lawrence Of Arabia base camp.

Overnight: Bedouin Camp.

Distance: 12K
Ascent: 92 m​
Descent: 325 m​
Time: 6 Hours
Challenge: Moderate.

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