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Experience Adventure: Wadi Rum

A trip to the Valley of the Moon is guaranteed to be one you will remember for life. No matter the season, the beauty of the vast red desert is phenomenal.​​​
​​​The natural rock formations and expansive mountains that tower overhead both absorb and reflect the sun, creates a mesmerizing haze of rosy light.​

Bedouin truck​​​The best way to explore this ethereal landscape is using Bedouin trucks: a slightly modified pickup truck where passengers typically sit on inner facing seats in the back of the truck.  This may invoke the image of being a car-confined tourist in your mind, but it actually is quite the contrary. The Bedouin truck will help you get from rock-bridges, to sand dunes, to panorama views, and the ride itself is exhilarating; you might feel as if you are flying with the breeze as you hurtle through the canyons and sandbanks.​

​​​There are many stops in the “jeep tour”; countless opportunities to get out and explore, to climb rocks and dunes, to ride a camel (Lawrence of Arabia style!), and you can even try a hot air balloon ride, offering views across Wadi Rum in its entire majesty.​

Bedouins are the true people of the desert; they know it better than anyone else from the lowest valley, to the highest dune.​
​​​Their hospitality is unrivaled; generosity is their lifestyle, their traditions, their knowledge with visitors to this beautiful location, their home.


Being in Wadi Rum overnight is the perfect opportunity to live like a native, the Bedouin-run camps are scattered all over the desert, and a highlight of the Bedouin hospitality has to be in savoring their food, the traditional Zarb: an underground barbecue!​​

​​The night matches, and possibly supersedes, the beauty of the day in this destination. Far away from any city-born light pollution, the stars glitter mystically above: a natural wonder, a diamond tapestry, ever-changing as the globe turns on its axes throughout the night.

​If the moon is full, most of the stars will not be so visible, however the moon is so radiant that it is a visual marvel in itself, its cool light gently bathing the land that was scorched by the fiery sun.​​

One fellow traveler was so amazed, he wrote ​this blog post about a special weekend trip with us to Wadi Rum.

Countless photographers and travel bloggers alike have tried to capture the essence of this place on paper and on film (including me) but we believe nothing suffices. Anything you see online or read in books can only be taken as a trailer, a preview, a sneak peek of the real deal.

Nothing else compares to you enjoying the spectacle that is Wadi Rum, hands-on.

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