Embrace Jordan summer with these exciting activities

In a land full of natural beauty and archaeological sites, there’s no better time than summer to immerse yourself within its wonders especially if you hate long queues at airports, museums and landmarks.

While the days may be hot, the early mornings, evenings and nights offer a perfect opportunity to explore and experience the country’s treasures comfortably out of tourism high season. From north to south, Jordan bids a plethora of activities that promise to make your summer vacation unforgettable. Want to know some of the top experiences awaiting you during these cooler times of the day? Keep reading:

1. Petra: Mystical Excursions

No trip to Jordan is complete without visiting Petra, that’s a fact, but how to beat the heat of summer while exploring the awe-inspiring ancient city carved into rose-red cliffs? Well, our guides can help you explore this UNESCO World Heritage site early in the morning from the back route. Witness the Monastery, hike the site shadows and marvel at the intricate architecture that tells tales of civilizations long past, skip midday and cool off at the hotel, have lunch, later come back for a Petra by Night show (Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays only).

2. Wadi Rum: Majestic Serenity

Venture into the incredible landscape of Wadi Rum, a vast desert known for its towering sandstone mountains and dramatic red dunes. Summer in Wadi Rum beckons with thrilling activities like before-sunset jeep safaris, admire the golden horizon at sunset, ending your day with a traditional Bedouin dinner “Zarb”, spend a night under the starry desert sky in a Bedouin tent, then a sunrise camel ride. It is where great hospitality and lovely Jordanian cooking await you.

3. Dead Sea: Floating Relaxation

Renowned for its hyper-saline waters that allow effortless floating. Summer is ideal for indulging in therapeutic mud baths and resting along the sea shore. As the temperatures drop around the late afternoons to early evenings at the lowest point on Earth, play a quick game of beach volleyball, take a dip in the sea, or treat yourself to a rejuvenating spa experience at one of the luxury resorts, where you can unwind and soak up the unique atmosphere. This is relaxation at its finest.

4. Amman: Urban Exploration

Discover the vibrant capital city, where ancient ruins blend seamlessly with modern life’s culture. Amman during the cooler hours of the day is perfect for strolling through downtown markets, savoring delicious street food, and exploring historical sites like the Roman Theatre and the Citadel.

Don’t miss the chance to experience Jordanian entertainment firsthand by joining locals at cafes for an evening of live music, storytelling, or you might prefer to search for an event, festival or exhibition happening during your stay in Amman, ask us on social media and we’ll be glad to help you find one.

5. Dana Biosphere Reserve: Hiker’s Sanctuary

Escape the midday heat and delve in the green to gray scenery of Dana, we offer guided hikes that let you awaken early at campsite to the soft light of dawn, making it an ideal time for landscape photography, birdwatching enthusiasts, trekking through diverse ecosystems, spotting rare wildlife, and appreciate breathtaking sights of rugged canyons and valleys. Whether you’re interested in nature or seeking tranquility, Dana promises a refreshing retreat into Jordan’s natural beauty.

6. Aqaba: Underwater Splendors

Head south to Jordan’s coastal gem nestled along the Red Sea. It invites you to dive into crystal-clear waters teeming with diverse species beneath the waves, it’s perfect for a sunrise snorkeling session and scuba diving lesson. Or simply a glass boat ride, to explore colorful coral reefs, and underwater wrecks full of marine life. Afterward, chill out on pristine beaches and enjoy your resort peaceful ambiance.

7. Jerash & Ajloun: Culinary Galore

Any journey through Jordan must include savoring its rich catering heritage. These two cities where temperatures aren’t high yet flavors are at their peak in summer, a perfect time and place to indulge in traditional Jordanian dishes like Mansaf, Shawarma, Maqluba, Musakhan, Falafel, mezze platters, and pure refreshment drinks such as mint lemonade or Karkade. shop the local markets, dine at locals, and taste Levant cuisine with panoramic views; a memorable meal accompanied by a gentle breeze.​

​Jordan in summer offers a tapestry of mesmerizing experiences that merge history, adventure, leisure, and eating delights. Each moment’s impression will create lasting memories as you embark on your best summer journey through this captivating destination, particularly when planned around early morning, sunset and evening activities, seizing the cooler hours of each day. We have several tour options on our website. If you click here you’ll find one we made focused on a summer theme.​

​Just need your summer apparel, sunscreen, and a spirit for fun, then let Jordan weave its magic on you in a season like no other.

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