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Experience the Red Sea: Discover Life Under the Sea

Visiting Aqaba, right at the bottom of Jordan, offers an entirely new experience. This seaside city, bordering a bright turquoise body of water, is the last thing you might expect after driving south through Jordan’s seemingly endless expanses of desert sand.


Upon arrival to Aqaba you are met by the beautiful blue waters of the Red Sea. You know that it is real because, like most beach towns anywhere in the world, there are salt breezes and life moves just a little bit slower. People are just a little more relaxed when living by the sea. We will expand on the city of Aqaba at another time, because today we want to focus on the Red Sea itself.



The deep blue colors are hiding a secret. Unexpectedly, Aqaba boasts an amazing diversity of the marine life: coral, whale sharks, sea turtles and more. You will not believe the natural beauty that lies beneath the rippling azure of the waves.


There are many ways to enjoy your time along the coast, whether you prefer a more relaxing trip or wish to partake in as many activities as possible!


Experience under the red sea - ExJO


Options in Aqaba

Scuba diving and/or snorkeling is for you if you wish to get up close and personal with the sea creatures Or if you prefer to watch from slightly further back, we recommend taking a trip in one of the glass-floored boats. You can cruise over the coral in style, with a professional explanation of what you are seeing below.

If you are looking for a private beach experience, which we all love, you can book at one of the 5-star hotels that have private beaches. Of course, there are other options as well. If you are to stay at a 4-star hotel there are public beaches and private beaches with low cost entrance. But if you can, why not enjoy the 5-star experience?

One of the only private beaches located within the national park of Aqaba, is situated perfectly so you can explore the reef-life. Other dive clubs, not in the national park area, have to take you from their base into the area from which you can then snorkel/dive.

For those among you who do not wish to go on a guided excursion, snorkel and wet suit hire are available.

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Aqaba is a marvelous place to visit for any age and person type; what you do with your time there can be tailored to suit your individual desires and needs, and whatever the specifics of your visit you will enjoy the experience. If this is on interest to you, be sure to mention to us that you want to include Aqaba on your trip to Jordan.

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Experience Art in Amman: Fantastic Art and Where to Find It

Art is the mouthpiece for culture. If you want to experience the rumbles of the emerging culture, visiting local Arab art galleries is the way to go. Not only will it provide a unique adventure, but you will learn what many people often miss when they visit Jordan. The heart and soul of the next generation.


Unbeknown to many, Amman has an eclectic and interesting collection of  boutique art galleries, many of which are within only a short walking distance of one another.


Walking the streets that lead off of Rainbow Street, 1st Circle, will have you stumbling across several art shops and galleries, some simply showcasing art, others double-timing as creative spaces, book shops, and cafés among other things! (Plus, while so close to Rainbow Street you can grab yourself one of the infamous Al Quds falafel sandwiches- ticking off another “must-do” on your Amman checklist!)




Wadi Finan is a gallery, featuring emerging artists and offering a variety of art courses for those looking to engage and expand their creative side!


Nabad gallery is extremely close to Wadi Finan, and also houses an art studio in addition to a wonderful display of artist’s work, making it a fine arts resource for local and regional collectors alike. The venue is a renovated 1930s house, which also hosts musical events some evenings.


Café des artistes on Rainbow Street is another fantastic art spot, although its main occupation is as a café there are monthly art exhibitions supporting young talent in the area. It’s a wonderful place to relax; the ambience feeds your creativity as the kitchen feeds your belly!


Jabal al-Weibdeh is an artist’s hub in itself, being the location of art-themed cafes such as Fann wa Chai (literally “art with tea”) as well as galleries.




Darat Al Funun, affiliated with the Khalid Shoman Foundation, stands on a hill overlooking the heart of Amman and boasts some of the best looking garden in all of Amman! The grounds serve as a top venue for experimental art, annually holding the “Do it” festival, where artists produce instructions for the public to follow in order to stimulate thought and new art. This year over 60 artists contributed! They host events such as concert film screenings, and readings in the beautiful grounds too, making it a place of true art-celebration.


Amman’s major contemporary art museum is the prestigious Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. Art-lovers and non-art lovers alike, the gallery is worth a visit purely for its status as a main part of modern Amman.




The Jordan Tourism Board produced a list of key art venues in Amman, which you can access here.


We highly recommend paying a visit to some of the smaller and lesser-known art-hubs while you are in Jordan as it will give you a feel for the local culture. In doing so you support the local talent and enterprises, while discovering a new side of contemporary Amman.

Dead Sea view on your trip to Jordan
Experience Relaxation: A Day by the Dead Sea Makes Your Experience in Jordan Complete

When you visit Jordan, you don’t want to miss the world-renowned Dead Sea. The Dead Sea, really a large salt lake,  is the lowest point on earth. Known for its super-salty water that makes floating effortless and for its mineral-rich mud that is used in cosmetic treatments all over the world. A day at the Dead Sea is like a day in paradise! Here you can treat yourself like royalty.

Visit the Dead Sea in Jordan

Due to the altitude of 400m below sea level, the climate at the Dead Sea is mild in winter and hot in the summer. Amazingly, it has temperatures an average of 10C hotter than in Amman, despite its proximity. So it’s a great escape for those traveling from colder weather. But even in the Summer, it is a worthwhile and recommended experience.  Through the wintertime, you can still expect temperatures that will allow you to enjoy the pools and salty water of the sea.

The sea’s buoyancy is incredible. Other people’s accounts can’t prepare you for the sensation of weightlessness as you let your feet lift from the bottom of the banks and you begin to bob with the gentle flow of the water.

Float in the Dead Sea when you visit Jordan

Floating in the sea

While there, people can be seen on the banks lathering themselves in the black mud. It is true that the minerals in the mud are many and are extremely good for the skin. However, it remains for the individual to decide if they wish to coat themselves in it entirely, or simply choose a few key spots.

A host of spa hotels line the Jordanian bank of the sea, meaning no matter your budget and situation, the restful experience is real.

For families, the Dead Sea Spa hotel is a great option. In addition to beach access, it has a range of pools: ones suitable for adults to float and relax, and others with slides to keep the kids (and kids at heart) entertained.

For those looking for a top-end luxurious experience, there a several fantastic 5* hotels, including the Movenpick and Kempinski, with full spas and a large range of treatments. The Dead Sea is a great place to pamper yourself.

Five star hotel accomodations at the Dead Sea with Experience Jordan

Looking out from a hotel room

On the other end of the spectrum, for you who are not bothered about relaxing by a pool or indulging in a massage, there are several public beaches which you can visit and enjoy both floating in the sea and the famous mud for only a few dinars (local currency).

In addition to the water sports, food and entertainment options are available depending on what hotel you are booked with. Other activities near the Dead Sea include hiking in wadis, Lot’s Cave, Ma’in Hot Springs, and The Baptism Site to name a few.

When you book your trip with Experience Jordan Adventures, let us know what your interests are for your trip and we can create the perfect itinerary for your ideal vacation.

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Experience Luxury: Ajloun Reserve Camp

Not everyone loves to camp, but glamping is a treat enjoyed by all. Maybe cabins with beautiful views aren’t ‘glamping’ as such, but we think they’re pretty close. A luxury camping experience is certainly what you can find at the Ajloun Reserve.


This camp, nestled in RSCN territory (The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature and Wild Jordan) offers explorers a true “Evergreen Escape”.  Situated in the highlands of North Jordan, rich greenery covers the 13km2 of hill country.


The idyllic location offers an unforgettable get-away. This coupled with the camping facilities is what makes this venue one we knew we needed to recommend to you.


There are different levels of accommodations. If you are looking for a luxury camping experience then the Individual Cabins are a must. Standing on your balcony you will have beautiful views of the green hills as the cabins are surrounded by oak, pistachio and carob trees. Also in your private cabin you will find a spacious bedroom (linen provided) and bathrooms as well as living space with electricity and small refrigerator. The seclusion of the place, far from the noises and business of the city, ensures a restful experience, in a setting of both luxury and phenomenal scenery.


There is an on-site restaurant at the camp site, noted for it’s local and homegrown produce, as well as the Nature Shop, which offers an array of artisan Ajloun handicrafts.


If you can ever bring yourself to leave the delights of the lodge, there are many activities in which you can participate. Be it one of the many year-round guided tours, which take in the flora and fauna of the forest- including Roe deer and orchards aplenty- as well as the historical gems of the place.


Close Historical Sites:

  • Mar Elias: Ruins of one of Jordan’s oldest churches, is a place you can relax in the shade with sweet chai (tea), before enjoying a lunch hand-crafted by the locals for you.
  • Jerash: Jordan’s second-most important tourist site, as it is widely regarded as one of the finest examples of Roman architecture outside of Rome itself!


Close Cultural Experiences:

  • The Soap House is also worth a visit, with its hand-fashioned Orjan soap, created using local olive and essential oils.
  • Opposite the camp is the renowned Biscuit House, where visitors can relax and enjoy sweet delicacies handmade by the ladies there.
  • As if that wasn’t enough, you can taste of the culture more by partaking in classes of the ancient art of calligraphy: printing fine Arabic script onto leather or silk.


The combination of the fresh-air and stillness, with the variety of activities and sights, topped by the most comfortable stay one could wish for, makes this an experience we could not not recommend to you, our honored customers. It is truly too good to miss.


More information can be found on the RSCN site. But here is a quick informational brochure from them. Be sure to check out the information on Trip Advisor.



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Experience Luxury: Feynan Ecolodge

At Experience Jordan we want our honored guests to have unique experiences that highlight the best of what Jordan has to offer. For this reason we highly recommend staying at Feynan Ecolodge if simple luxury is what you are looking for on your holiday to Jordan.


This lovely gem is in the top 25 ecolodges in the world according to National Geographic Travel. Sorry, we had to boast a little bit. The lodge is tucked away from the typical tourist areas offering guests a true luxurious cultural experience.


Everything about this site is visual. From the time you hop into the transportation that takes you from the visitor center to the lodge itself, your eyes will have a feast. The landscape around the lodge is magnificent. This video gives an excellent overview of the facilities and a little preview to the landscape.


In addition to being a green lodging (solar powered is just the beginning), this facility is providing employment for the people of the community as well as preserving and honoring the culture  of the surrounding community.


During your stay there are many opportunities for you to interact with and learn from the community. Have you ever wanted to be a shepherd? Interested in the ancient art of Middle Eastern bread making? Wondered about growing up off the grid? The people of the community are happy to answer your questions and welcome you into their home.


If you would rather hike than bake, there are beautiful exotic hikes from Feynan Ecolodge. Some require a guide, others you can do on your own. When you go, don’t miss the sunset hike. It is complimentary and boasts spectacular views of the sunset over the rolling hills.


When you return to the lodge you will notice that the lighting is by candlelight. These are all handmade candles purchased from the community. The atmosphere is at once dreamy and romantic. The food is also quite amazing. It is all vegetarian and the ingredients come from the local community. As you finish your meal, we suggest heading to the roof for some star gazing, a truly spectacular site in this remote area.


Below are a couple of blog posts from people who have visited the site, but don’t forget to check out what trip advisor has to say about Feynan Ecolodge as well.


Travel Bloggers Experiences at Feynan Ecolodge:

theplanetD: Feynan Eco Lodge, A Quiet Retreat in Jordan

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Never Ending Voyage: Bedouin Life and a Candlelit Night at Feynan Ecolodge, Jordan


If you are visiting Jordan, this site is not one to miss. When you book your tour with Experience Jordan, let us know that you are interested in this location and we will be sure to include it for you. People who choose our Dana to Petra Tour love their stay at Feynan Ecolodge.

Experience Culture: Jordan’s First Microbrewery Carakale

Let’s start by clearing up one misconception by many expats living in Amman, Jordan. Carakale is not brewed in Karak and therefore, they are not misspelling the name. Rather, the authentic Jordan brew gets it’s name from an authentic Jordan native – the caracal wild cat.


Now that this has been cleared up, let’s explore why this is a must do experience when you visit Jordan. No need to restate the amazing business story of being the first and only microbrewery in Jordan or of the man, Yazan Karadsheh who has pioneered this project, when you can read these excellent articles on those subjects.


LA Times: A beer pioneer launches Jordan’s first microbrewery

AlJAZEERA America: Jordan’s craft brewery brings beer back to its birthplace


Let’s instead focus on what your experience will be like, starting with the drive. The factory and tasting room where Carakale is brewed is in Fuhays. This traditionally Christian area is a little bit of a drive from the center of Amman. On the drive you will get to see a different face of Jordan as you pass through the local town centers. The brewery is on the edge of Fuhays, but this should not be a deterrent to visit. The opposite in fact, this is the very reason you should visit. It’s on the edge of the city and therefore you have beautiful views of the surrounding hills. Zero city sounds out here. It’s an excellent beer drinking environment.


The tour itself is a mixture of the history of Carakale, fun facts about brewing beer in the Middle East, and helpful information of how the beer brewing process is accomplished. Along the way you will get to try a few beers which incorporate local ingredients whenever possible, and end in the tasting room where you will be given bottle caps for more beer. Here in the tap room you can choose to look down on the brewery or out towards the magnificent hills as you sip you cold brew on the deck.


Although tours are typically booked in groups, if you don’t have a group, you can still go on the tour by visiting the tap room on their open nights (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 6:00PM-9:00PM). The tour starts promptly at 6:00PM.


At Experience Jordan we like to combine a visit to Carakale with a little hike along the Jordan Trail. Stay tuned as this walk+brew trip will start showing up in our Weekly Walk cycle soon. But, you can book a walk + brewery tour at anytime if you have a group of friends or work group that is ready. Just contact our Adventure Travel Specialist. We love creating custom tour experiences in Jordan. Cheers!


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Note: Although this tour does not have access to food, you can bring your own and they even provide gas and a grill if you want burgers or hotdogs with your beer.


Want to read about other people’s experiences? Here are two travel bloggers experiences at the brewery.

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