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Dead Sea view on your trip to Jordan

Experience Relaxation: A Day by the Dead Sea Makes Your Experience in Jordan Complete

When you visit Jordan, you don’t want to miss the world renowned Dead Sea. The Dead Sea (really a large salt lake) is the lowest point on earth, known for its super-salty water that makes floating effortless and for its mineral-rich mud that is used in cosmetic treatments all over the world. A day at the day at the Dead Sea is like a day in paradise! Here you can treat yourself like royalty.


Visit the Dead Sea in Jordan


Due to the altitude of 400m below sea level, the climate at the Dead Sea is mild even in winter, with temperatures an average of 10C hotter than in Amman. Through winter time you can still expect temperatures that will allow you to enjoy the pools and salty water of the sea.


The sea’s buoyancy is incredible; other people’s accounts can’t prepare you for the sensation of weightlessness as you let your feet lift from the bottom of the banks and you begin to bob with the gentle flow of the water.


Float in the Dead Sea when you visit Jordan

Floating in the sea


While there, people can be seen on the banks lathering themselves in the black mud. It is true that the minerals in the mud are many and are extremely good for the skin, however it remains for the individual to decide if they wish to coat themselves in it, or simply choose a few key spots.


A host of spa hotels line the Jordanian bank of the sea, meaning no matter your budget and situation, the restful experience is real.

For families, the Dead Sea Spa hotel is a great option. In addition to beach access it has a range of pools: ones suitable for adults to float and relax, and others with slides to keep the kids (and fun lovers!) entertained.


For those looking for a top-end luxurious experience, there a several fantastic 5* hotels, including the Movenpick and Kempinski, with full spas and a large range of treatments with which you can pamper yourself.


Five star hotel accomodations at the Dead Sea with Experience Jordan

Looking out from a hotel room


On the other end of the spectrum, for you who are not bothered about relaxing by a pool or indulging in a massage, there are several public beaches which you can visit and enjoy both the floating in the sea and the famous mud for only a few dinars (local currency).


In addition to the water sports, food and entertainment options are available depending on what hotel you are booked with. Other activities near the Dead Sea include hiking in wadis near the Dead Sea, Lot’s Cave, Ma’in Hot Springs and The Baptism Site to name a few.


When you book your trip with Experience Jordan, let us know what your interests are for your trip and we can create the perfect itinerary for your ideal vacation.