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Experience the Red Sea: Discover Life Under the Sea

Visiting Aqaba, right at the bottom of Jordan, offers an entirely new experience. This seaside city, bordering a bright turquoise body of water, is the last thing you might expect after driving south through Jordan’s seemingly endless expanses of desert sand.


Upon arrival to Aqaba you are met by the beautiful blue waters of the Red Sea. You know that it is real because, like most beach towns anywhere in the world, there are salt breezes and life moves just a little bit slower. People are just a little more relaxed when living by the sea. We will expand on the city of Aqaba at another time, because today we want to focus on the Red Sea itself.



The deep blue colors are hiding a secret. Unexpectedly, Aqaba boasts an amazing diversity of the marine life: coral, whale sharks, sea turtles and more. You will not believe the natural beauty that lies beneath the rippling azure of the waves.


There are many ways to enjoy your time along the coast, whether you prefer a more relaxing trip or wish to partake in as many activities as possible!


Experience under the red sea - ExJO


Options in Aqaba

Scuba diving and/or snorkeling is for you if you wish to get up close and personal with the sea creatures Or if you prefer to watch from slightly further back, we recommend taking a trip in one of the glass-floored boats. You can cruise over the coral in style, with a professional explanation of what you are seeing below.

If you are looking for a private beach experience, which we all love, you can book at one of the 5-star hotels that have private beaches. Of course, there are other options as well. If you are to stay at a 4-star hotel there are public beaches and private beaches with low cost entrance. But if you can, why not enjoy the 5-star experience?

One of the only private beaches located within the national park of Aqaba, is situated perfectly so you can explore the reef-life. Other dive clubs, not in the national park area, have to take you from their base into the area from which you can then snorkel/dive.

For those among you who do not wish to go on a guided excursion, snorkel and wet suit hire are available.

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Aqaba is a marvelous place to visit for any age and person type; what you do with your time there can be tailored to suit your individual desires and needs, and whatever the specifics of your visit you will enjoy the experience. If this is on interest to you, be sure to mention to us that you want to include Aqaba on your trip to Jordan.

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Experience Luxury: Ajloun Reserve Camp

Not everyone loves to camp, but glamping is a treat enjoyed by all. Maybe cabins with beautiful views aren’t ‘glamping’ as such, but we think they’re pretty close. A luxury camping experience is certainly what you can find at the Ajloun Reserve.


This camp, nestled in RSCN territory (The Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature and Wild Jordan) offers explorers a true “Evergreen Escape”.  Situated in the highlands of North Jordan, rich greenery covers the 13km2 of hill country.


The idyllic location offers an unforgettable get-away. This coupled with the camping facilities is what makes this venue one we knew we needed to recommend to you.


There are different levels of accommodations. If you are looking for a luxury camping experience then the Individual Cabins are a must. Standing on your balcony you will have beautiful views of the green hills as the cabins are surrounded by oak, pistachio and carob trees. Also in your private cabin you will find a spacious bedroom (linen provided) and bathrooms as well as living space with electricity and small refrigerator. The seclusion of the place, far from the noises and business of the city, ensures a restful experience, in a setting of both luxury and phenomenal scenery.


There is an on-site restaurant at the camp site, noted for it’s local and homegrown produce, as well as the Nature Shop, which offers an array of artisan Ajloun handicrafts.


If you can ever bring yourself to leave the delights of the lodge, there are many activities in which you can participate. Be it one of the many year-round guided tours, which take in the flora and fauna of the forest- including Roe deer and orchards aplenty- as well as the historical gems of the place.


Close Historical Sites:

  • Mar Elias: Ruins of one of Jordan’s oldest churches, is a place you can relax in the shade with sweet chai (tea), before enjoying a lunch hand-crafted by the locals for you.
  • Jerash: Jordan’s second-most important tourist site, as it is widely regarded as one of the finest examples of Roman architecture outside of Rome itself!


Close Cultural Experiences:

  • The Soap House is also worth a visit, with its hand-fashioned Orjan soap, created using local olive and essential oils.
  • Opposite the camp is the renowned Biscuit House, where visitors can relax and enjoy sweet delicacies handmade by the ladies there.
  • As if that wasn’t enough, you can taste of the culture more by partaking in classes of the ancient art of calligraphy: printing fine Arabic script onto leather or silk.


The combination of the fresh-air and stillness, with the variety of activities and sights, topped by the most comfortable stay one could wish for, makes this an experience we could not not recommend to you, our honored customers. It is truly too good to miss.


More information can be found on the RSCN site. But here is a quick informational brochure from them. Be sure to check out the information on Trip Advisor.