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Experience Jordan Adventure & Tomorrow’s Air Partnership


In addition to emissions reductions and nature conservation, we know that new solutions are necessary to help restore balance to our climate. In this article, learn about Experience Jordan Adventures’ new partnership with Tomorrow’s Air, an inspiring initiative that brings travelers together to support climate-conscious travel education and carbon removal techniques that can help clean our air.

As travelers, we understand the power of our experiences in the wilderness to change our perspective, awaken new passions, and reconnect us with the things that deeply matter in life. As a company, Experience Jordan Adventures has been leading the way for travel businesses in Jordan with its attention to safety and risk management along with applying conservation principles to its sustainable tourism offerings. We are proud to extend this commitment to innovation and conservation through our new partnership with Tomorrow’s Air, an initiative uniting travelers to help fund climate education and the scale-up of carbon removal technologies and sustainable aviation fuel.

Carbon dioxide removal technologies take excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it away long-term, ultimately helping to restore our climate. The Tomorrow’s Air portfolio directs incremental payments from travelers to a set of technologies that can take carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it permanently: direct air capture, and hybrid nature-tech solutions such as biochar and enhanced rock weathering.


Deep Dive on the Innovations

Direct Air Capture

With Tomorrow’s Air partner Octavia’s direct air capture, carbon collectors capture carbon dioxide from ambient air. Octavia is leveraging Kenya’s renewable energy, and talent to develop globally competitive direct air capture technology. The carbon removal process begins when air is drawn into the collector using a fan, and the filter selectively binds with atmospheric CO2. Once the filter is saturated, the collector is closed, and geothermal heat is supplied, releasing pure CO2 which can then be mineralized, or used in other products, such as sustainable aviation fuels.



Biochar captures and stores carbon dioxide by stabilizing natural processes of decay in organic matter and keeping it safely in the ground. Tomorrow’s Air partner Pacific Biochar’s technique allows it to modify existing biomass power plants for biochar production. The biochar created is used in soil applications. Biochar can help enhance the overall health of soil by helping hold plant nutrients in topsoil. It also supports increases in crop yield, and can also help conserve water used for crops by improving the water retention of the soil.

pacific biochar BiGchar


Enhanced Rock Weathering

With Tomorrow’s Air Partner, Eion, carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and stored safely through enhanced rock weathering. The natural process of chemical weathering is sped up by applying crushed silicate rock – olivine – to soil. Through existent moisture and acidity in the soil, the crushed rock dissolves, and CO2 is removed from the air through the formation of stable bicarbonate ions, which flush through the soil and eventually make their way to the ocean where they’re stored permanently.

Eion Enhanced Weathering courtesy

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sustainable aviation fuel or SAF, is a biofuel that can be used to power aircraft. It can be made from a variety of renewable sources (feedstocks); Tomorrow’s Air makes it easy for travel companies to support sustainable aviation fuel produced by Neste. Neste produces its sustainable aviation fuel from sustainably sourced, 100% renewable waste and residue raw materials like used cooking oil and animal fat waste. All its suppliers are required to commit to its Supplier Code of Conduct, which includes criteria on climate, environment, human and labor rights, and ethical business conduct.Sustainable Aviation Fuel tunker truck at airport

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the use of sustainable aviation fuels was only 0.1% of the total jet fuel demand in 2022 so action is needed to ramp-up SAF production. Regulatory and policy support for SAF production expansion are important but will take time. This is why support from travelers is so valuable tp help accelerate SAF scale-up today.


How Tomorrow’s Air Began

Tomorrow’s Air was conceived in Antarctica. The founding team was part of an international group of climate activists, clean energy entrepreneurs, documentary filmmakers, and corporate social responsibility executives led by seasoned polar explorer Rob Swan. The team learned that developing innovative climate solutions was languishing due to a lack of education and investment. When they returned home, they decided form Tomorrow’s Air to bring the power and reach of global tourism to help. Today, Tomorrow’s Air makes it easy for travelers to take action and support these powerful technologies at levels starting at the price of a cup of coffee.


Why Innovative Carbon Reduction and Removal Technologies Are Necessary

Scientists now estimate that carbon dioxide will need to be removed at the scale of over 10 gigatons per year by 2050. With the current capacity for removal at less than one gigaton per year, the emerging set of innovative technologies require investment and public support to succeed. Because society waited too long to reduce its emissions, we now understand that even if the world rapidly reduces or eliminates greenhouse gas emissions, we will still need to remove carbon dioxide to have a chance of limiting dangerous levels of global warming.

Beginning June 2024, Experience Jordan Adventures travelers will have the opportunity to purchase a $20 sustainable aviation fuel and/or $20 carbon removal package from Tomorrow’s Air. Traveler payments are an investment in climate conscious travel education and carbon removal technologies, and will cover an order for emissions reduction via SAF in the amount of 17kgs or 20 kgs of carbon dioxide to be removed from the atmosphere and permanently stored. Travelers wishing to do more are welcome  – Tomorrow’s Air also enables easy payments for sustainable aviation fuel, and offers a range of packages for interested travelers.

We recognize travel – in the same way that it provides economic benefits to people along with funding for wildlife and nature conservation efforts – can help educate and bring people together to support innovative solutions to help clean our air.

Octavia carbon removal


This inspired Experience Jordan Adventures to join with Tomorrow’s Air to help rally a global travel community to action, and we hope you’ll join with us!

Let’s band together to restore our climate.

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