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Experience the Red Sea: Discover Life Under the Sea

Visiting Aqaba, right at the bottom of Jordan, offers an entirely new experience. This seaside city, bordering a bright turquoise body of water, is the last thing you expect when driving south in Jordan through seemingly endless expanses desert sand.


Upon arrival to Aqaba you are met by the beautiful blue waters of the Red Sea. You know that it is real because like most beach towns anywhere in the world there are salt breezes and life moves just a little bit slower. People are just a little more relaxed here. We will expand on the city of Aqaba at another time, because today we want to focus on the Red Sea itself.



The deep blue colors are hiding a secret. Unexpectedly Aqaba boasts an amazing diversity of the marine life: coral, whale sharks, sea turtles and more- you will not believe the natural beauty that lies beneath the rippling azure of the waves.


There are many ways in which to enjoy your time at the coast, whether you prefer a more relaxing trip or wish to partake in as many activities as possible!


Experience under the red sea - ExJO


Should you wish to get up close and personal with the sea creatures, scuba diving and/or snorkeling is for you. If you prefer to watch from slightly further back, we recommend taking a trip in one of the glass-floored boats; you can cruise over the coral in style, with a professional explanation as to what you are seeing.


If you are looking for a private beach experience, which we love, you can book at one of the 5 star hotels that have private beaches. There are other options as well if you would prefer to stay at a 4 star hotel there are public beaches and private beaches with low cost entrance. But why not enjoy the 5 star experience?


One of the only private beaches located within the national park of Aqaba, is situated perfectly so you can explore the reef-life. Other dive clubs, not in the national park area, have to take you from their base into the area from which you can then snorkel/dive.


For those among you who do not wish to go on a guided excursion, snorkel and wet suit hire are available.


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Aqaba is a marvelous place to visit for any age and person type; what you do with your time there can be tailored to suit your individual desires and needs, and whatever the specifics of your visit you will enjoy the experience. If this is on interest to you, be sure to mention to us that you want to include Aqaba on your trip to Jordan.