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Experience Art in Amman: Fantastic Art and Where to Find It

Art is the mouthpiece for culture. If you want to experience the rumbles of the emerging culture, visiting local Arab art galleries is the way to go. Not only will it provide a unique adventure, but you will learn what many people often miss when they visit Jordan. The heart and soul of the next generation.


Unbeknown to many, Amman has an eclectic and interesting collection of  boutique art galleries, many of which are within only a short walking distance of one another.


Walking the streets that lead off of Rainbow Street, 1st Circle, will have you stumbling across several art shops and galleries, some simply showcasing art, others double-timing as creative spaces, book shops, and cafés among other things! (Plus, while so close to Rainbow Street you can grab yourself one of the infamous Al Quds falafel sandwiches- ticking off another “must-do” on your Amman checklist!)




Wadi Finan is a gallery, featuring emerging artists and offering a variety of art courses for those looking to engage and expand their creative side!


Nabad gallery is extremely close to Wadi Finan, and also houses an art studio in addition to a wonderful display of artist’s work, making it a fine arts resource for local and regional collectors alike. The venue is a renovated 1930s house, which also hosts musical events some evenings.


Café des artistes on Rainbow Street is another fantastic art spot, although its main occupation is as a café there are monthly art exhibitions supporting young talent in the area. It’s a wonderful place to relax; the ambience feeds your creativity as the kitchen feeds your belly!


Jabal al-Weibdeh is an artist’s hub in itself, being the location of art-themed cafes such as Fann wa Chai (literally “art with tea”) as well as galleries.




Darat Al Funun, affiliated with the Khalid Shoman Foundation, stands on a hill overlooking the heart of Amman and boasts some of the best looking garden in all of Amman! The grounds serve as a top venue for experimental art, annually holding the “Do it” festival, where artists produce instructions for the public to follow in order to stimulate thought and new art. This year over 60 artists contributed! They host events such as concert film screenings, and readings in the beautiful grounds too, making it a place of true art-celebration.


Amman’s major contemporary art museum is the prestigious Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts. Art-lovers and non-art lovers alike, the gallery is worth a visit purely for its status as a main part of modern Amman.




The Jordan Tourism Board produced a list of key art venues in Amman, which you can access here.


We highly recommend paying a visit to some of the smaller and lesser-known art-hubs while you are in Jordan as it will give you a feel for the local culture. In doing so you support the local talent and enterprises, while discovering a new side of contemporary Amman.

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