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Experience Luxury: Feynan Ecolodge

At Experience Jordan we want our honored guests to have unique experiences that highlight the best of what Jordan has to offer. For this reason we highly recommend staying at Feynan Ecolodge if simple luxury is what you are looking for on your holiday to Jordan.


This lovely gem is in the top 25 ecolodges in the world according to National Geographic Travel. Sorry, we had to boast a little bit. The lodge is tucked away from the typical tourist areas offering guests a true luxurious cultural experience.


Everything about this site is visual. From the time you hop into the transportation that takes you from the visitor center to the lodge itself, your eyes will have a feast. The landscape around the lodge is magnificent. This video gives an excellent overview of the facilities and a little preview to the landscape.


In addition to being a green lodging (solar powered is just the beginning), this facility is providing employment for the people of the community as well as preserving and honoring the culture  of the surrounding community.


During your stay there are many opportunities for you to interact with and learn from the community. Have you ever wanted to be a shepherd? Interested in the ancient art of Middle Eastern bread making? Wondered about growing up off the grid? The people of the community are happy to answer your questions and welcome you into their home.


If you would rather hike than bake, there are beautiful exotic hikes from Feynan Ecolodge. Some require a guide, others you can do on your own. When you go, don’t miss the sunset hike. It is complimentary and boasts spectacular views of the sunset over the rolling hills.


When you return to the lodge you will notice that the lighting is by candlelight. These are all handmade candles purchased from the community. The atmosphere is at once dreamy and romantic. The food is also quite amazing. It is all vegetarian and the ingredients come from the local community. As you finish your meal, we suggest heading to the roof for some star gazing, a truly spectacular site in this remote area.


Below are a couple of blog posts from people who have visited the site, but don’t forget to check out what trip advisor has to say about Feynan Ecolodge as well.


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If you are visiting Jordan, this site is not one to miss. When you book your tour with Experience Jordan, let us know that you are interested in this location and we will be sure to include it for you. People who choose our Dana to Petra Tour love their stay at Feynan Ecolodge.

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