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Experience Culture: Cooking in Jordan at Beit Sitti

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If you love taking cooking classes when you travel, then Beit Sitti is for you. When you are on holiday to Jordan, there are several places where you can take a cooking class, but Beit Sitti is unique.


The location of Beit Sitti is in Al Webdah, a unique neighborhood in Amman, Jordan. It is a place where East meets West, art is everywhere you look, Call to Prayer and Church Bells are heard at the same time. Many non-government organizations are located here which gives the area an almost European feel, while still being one of the oldest neighborhoods in Amman.


When we plan tour packages for people visiting Jordan, we encourage a visit to this neighborhood and in particular to Beit Sitti because we want our honored guests to see and understand the multiple facets of Jordan culture. Going to Wadi Rum and Petra is essential, but if that is all you do you only see one part of Jordanian culture. Spending time in the city will expose you to a greater depth of culture as the traditional roots spring up into something new in the city. You can read our blog about the “Top Five Things to Experience While in Jordan.” Now, back to why Beit Sitti is a must experience on your trip to Jordan.


Beit Sitti is in an older residential home. Established in 2010 by sisters in order to preserve their grandmothers legacy, these women teach traditional Arabic cooking and then together you eat the food that you have prepared. Of course, you will receive the recipes of the food that you made along with suggestions on how to modify it in your home country in case ingredients are difficult to find.


What this place has is ambiance. The beautifully well preserved traditional home sits high on the side of Jabal (mountain) Webdah giving a beautiful view of Amman. If you are visiting Jordan during the warmer months, enjoy eating on the terrace under lights in the evening if you choose to cook a dinner. At Beit Sitti, you can choose breakfast, lunch, or dinner each is a four course meal.


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