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HMDS Jordan – First Edition – 2022

We’re happy to announce our partnership with “HALF MARATHON DES SABLES – HMDS” in organizing the first Jordan edition in the magical desert of Wadi Rum.

HALF MARATHON DES SABLES – HMDS is a one-week race adventure that takes place in the most beautiful desert areas of the world. The event is a shorter version of the Marathon Des Sables, often called “The World’s toughest race”.

After just 34 minutes this event sold out all available 300 registrations! We look forward to welcoming these 300 participants and all of the organizers to Jordan.




The Program and Main Details

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The Race

“The adventure of a lifetime”

The race is made up of three stages ranging from 25 – 60 km. The exact distances of each stage are kept secret until the day participants are scheduled to arrive – adding to the adventure! While the top contestants will run for 1st place, the majority of participants usually walk.

HMDS Promo Runners up Sand Dune


During the race, there are 3-nights in the middle of the desert in the HMDS bivouac. At the HMDS bivouac, tents will be pre-prepared in groups of 6. The bivouac is a place for participants to get some food, sleep, and share the experience with others. It’s a pretty incredible setup and experience. With others, participants will have a “basecamp” experience that they will never forget.

“In 3-4 days, you feel like you spent 10 years with the others” – Grégoire, a former participant in HMDS – Fuerteventura.


Did we say this is an adventure? Participants will be food self-sufficient.

“During the race, it is forbidden to purchase food and water on your own, for a risk of penalty.” ( )

So participants will need to pack and carry their own food, as well as cooking equipment. For cooking, equipment participants will need to bring a cooking pot, a portable stove, fire pellets, a lighter, and cutlery. Gas stoves are prohibited.

What food the contestants bring is entirely up to them. Whether it’s freeze-dried meals, nuts, energy bars, etc. So contestants should choose wisely and come prepared. They can read more on the link above, talk to former participants, and do their own research. It’s highly recommended that participants test their food options before the race. Maybe go out for a day adventure and test one of your freeze-dried meals. The last thing you want is to have a food option that goes bad during the race!

HMDS Food 4


The water supply is entirely managed by the race’s organization. There will be a road-book outlining where water will be supplied during the race. Participants will need to manage their water needs based on these checkpoints and are prohibited from getting water outside of these stations.

Following technical checks the day before the race starts, competitors will be given two bottles of 1.5 liters of water each. That water will be for the night and the start of the race the next morning. After that, there will not be water supplied until approximately 10km after the start.

Checkpoint Water HMDS


Given the nature of this trip, and the necessary safety requirements, there are several required equipment. The items required for the event in Fuerteventura included:

  • 20L Backpack,
  • water containers of at least 1.5 liters total,
  • a sleeping bag, a survival blanket,
  • sunscreen,
  • and the official medical certificate provided by the organization, duly completed and signed by a doctor in the 90 days before the race (sent by email),
  • among other items.

There is also information on recommended items, packing techniques, etc.

HMDS equipment 12



  • All information and photos are from the HMDS website –
  • Disclaimer: All information in this post is for general information only. More details can be found here and HMDS will be in touch with contestants regarding specific details and requirements.

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