Wadi Himara Lower Trail

Making Smiles Happen: Hiking Jordan

At Experience Jordan we love to make people smile. Our Weekly Walks are our weekly opportunity to see a busload of smiles.


Why are people smiling?

Have you seen Jordan? Not just Amman, but Jordan in all of its diversity? When people see the magnificence of Jordan, they can’t help but smile. How can one small country host green forests and beautiful deserts? Lush wadis and red sands? Salty seas and fresh water?




But really, that is only the beginning. Weekly Walks bring smiles because of the people who go on them. Each week is an opportunity to connect with people who enjoy what you enjoy. Each person has a story, a different path that has either brought them to Jordan, or, brought them to the walk. Fascinating conversations, beautiful surroundings, and less we forget, the amazing food.


weekly walks in jordan


Smiles all around. Come and join us!


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