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Coronavirus Updates –
Jordan Tourism

Updates regarding Jordan's opening to tourism after the Coronavirus

Coronavirus Updates –
Jordan Tourism

This post will be continuously updated with new information regarding Jordan’s opening to tourism after coronavirus.


Current Situation in Jordan:


Jordan is currently in a stable situation with a very low Coronavirus count. From a health perspective, Jordan has performed as one of the best countries in the world in dealing with Coronavirus. Now we are looking forward to taking advantage of the hard work early on to enjoy opening up the country again gradually, safely, and responsibly.

All sectors of the economy except for the highest risk are now open with some health-related restrictions/regulations. People must wear masks when entering public buildings, businesses, taxi’s/Ubers/other car-sharing, or other places where services are available to the public.

For the latest numbers, you can check a website created by the Jordan’s Ministry of Health here: https://corona.moh.gov.jo/en

Airport Reopening


Opening Date: End of July. (Only for a few countries)

Speculation: The aiport will probably open between July 26th and 30th to about 10 countries at first. Possible countries include Cyprus, Greece, Australia, New Zealand, and some of the better performing countries in Europe. We beleive Jordan will try to start first with opening flights from just a few locations, while they iron out the details of how to best implement proper safety plans. Then they will likely increase the number of locations that are able to fly to Jordan accordingly.


Aiport to open up to some international tourist by the end of July – July 5th, 2020


At the moment are expecting international tourism to reopen likely sometime in July or August 2020. (Health Minister: QAIA won’t reopen before July 1) – May 28, 2020

Land Border between Jordan and Israel / Palestine Reopening to Tourism


Opening Date: TBD

Many tourist like to combine their trip to Jordan with a visit to Jerusalem and other sites in the “holyland” and vice versa. Currently, the coronavirus situation in Israel / Palestine is not very good, so we do not expect the land borders to open up in the short term. At this point it is too early for us to speculate on when they may be open.

However, we would advise people thinking of traveling to Jordan not to worry too much, Jordan has plenty of amazing sites and things to do. For travel ideas in Jordan check out 10 Best “Off The Beaten Track” Activities In Jordan During COVID-19

Experience Jordan’s Current Situation


Weekly Walks are back!

After a couple-year break, we have brought back our day trips for locals and expats on the weekend! Our first trip was on July 10th to Wadi Ghuweir and was sold out! Upcoming adventures can be found on our Day Trips page where you can browse through all of the hikes along the Jordan Trail, through wadis, and more! If you are looking to socialize, meet new people, get out of Amman, and experience new adventures in Jordan, try out one of these trips! Stay up to date on new trip openings and other related announcements by following our Facebook page.We’ll be posting every couple of days as we add more trips. We hope to keep this going post coronavirus and into the future!

We have downsized our team and our staff are currently working at a reduced capacity. However, we have positioned to ramp back again quickly once tourism picks up.

Jordan’s Plan to Reopen Domestically


Jordan announced a 5-phase plan to reopening the economy titled “Working Together to Reopen.” The five phases are bases on the number of new coronavirus cases or the percentage of positive test results each day for a given week.

Each Phase has a “Health Risk Trigger” explained above, and then a description of what that phase level entails. The highest level, Phase 5, is called “Critical Risk, while the lowest level, Phase 1, is titled “Low Risk – New Normal.” Jordan is currently in Phase 2: Moderate Risk. In order for Jordan to get to Phase 1: “Low Risk” the protocol calls for no new local cases for 14 consecutive days. Phase 1 seems to indicate a full reopening of all sectors with ongoing social distancing measures and testing.

The reason you are seeing “local cases” is because Jordan is repatriating its citizens from abroad and testing truck drivers at the border. Cases from each of those situations add to Jordan’s official total coronavirus count but are in reality external cases that do not indicate the coronavirus spread level within the country. Further, these cases account for a large portion of Jordan’s new coronavirus cases.

For more details on the plan, you can check it out here: https://corona.moh.gov.jo/en/Together-to-Reopen

New Protocols & Regulations


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