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Experience Culture: Arrival Information to Queen Alia International Airport

The question of “Now, is this going to go smoothly or take a hundred years?” is on most minds as passengers exit the plane.


Even the most enthusiastic, cheerful traveller can relate to the feeling of apprehension that can all too often overcome you on arriving at the airport after a flight. It’s your first taste of culture in a new country.


For that reason, it is important to us at Experience Jordan that the entirety of your trip to Jordan is  enjoyable, starting with your airport pick-up.


So here we offer you this; information! Hopefully in knowing what to expect at the airport, you will have a smooth arrival process. So here we go!


Visa/Passport Control:

After you have made sure you have all of your carry-on items in hand, exit the plane and follow the signs and people to the visa and passport control area. There is only one in the airport. The fee for the visa is 40JD and must be paid in local currency.


If you have not brought JOD (Dinars) with you on your trip you have two options. In the visa/passport control area there is a currency exchange booth and an ATM. Head directly there and then make your way to the visa/passport control lines. Bringing JOD with you may give you an extra fast exit from the visa area if you can get in line faster.


Baggage Claim:

After the visa/passport control area, you head down the escalator and into the baggage claim area. At the bottom of the baggage claim, you will see a board that will tell you which carousal will have your luggage.  This area is also your last chance for duty free items. From here, you just have a final baggage scan before you exit into the arrivals area of the airport.



At arrivals there is a Starbucks if you need a pick-me-up and a convenience store in case you need to pick-up any forgotten items. Also, there is a Zain counter if you would like to purchase a SIM card for your phone with minutes and data. The cost is relatively low and can give you some greater options to research the places you will be visiting or uploading your amazing vacation photos to your favorite social media platform. Don’t forget to tag #experiencejordan or #ExJOtours.


We are honored that you have chosen Experience Jordan for your Jordan holiday. We can’t wait for you to see and experience Jordan!


A Little Cultural Insight:

One of the many wonderful things about Middle Eastern society that contrasts so sharply to the way of the West is the ease with which they do life. This combined with the value of family and friendship being top priority always (no exceptions, ever!) means that the atmosphere as you move through arrivals (be it in obtaining your visa or passing through security) is very different to how you may be used to it happening.


It may take a little longer than you may hope, not because of difficulties but because whoever is assessing you may wish to start up conversation with another member of staff passing by. They’re delighted to see one another, so naturally they chat for a while.


Our advice to you is to remain calm, to know it’s normal, and to accept that the employees aren’t slacking, they are  just being friendly. Take it as your first Jordanian experience. Visible proof of the precedence of friendship, and an indicator of a life less rushed.


Don’t worry- it’ll only be a couple of minutes’ worth of delay, and that gives your baggage time to arrive anyway.

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