Experience Jordan Wadi Rum Jeep Tour

Experience Wadi Rum: Overnight Group Trip

The weekend of the 7/8th October, the Experience Jordan team took a group of 16 individuals to the ‘Valley of the Moon’ for a truly wonderful experience.   The fun started as soon as we stepped onto the bus. We could not wait to kick-start the fun, using the bus’ microphone to tell jokes and riddles during the drive South.   The group’s natural chemistry was evident; the laughter did not stop the entire trip long.




Every part of the experience was enormous fun.   We childishly “uhuhuhuhuh”ed over the bumps as we sped through the red sands, piled into the back of several jeeps.




We helped one another climb the rocks and dunes, posing for countless silly photos along the way.




We formed an acrobatics team, balancing and jumping on and off things at every possible opportunity.




The eating experience is included in this as well. We reveled in the delicious Zarb (Bedouin cooking underground) that was generously presented for our evening meal.   We sat in silent and collective awe of the earth’s splendour as the land shifted between shades of pink, orange and yellow while the sun set over the mountains.




We shared folk songs, tales, and dances from each of our home countries as the night cooled and the stars appeared.   We marveled at the glorious Milky Way, a glittering canopy above us illuminating the night, delighting every time the sky threw a star from one side to the other.




We were from a range of backgrounds, all with worldviews, religions, and nationalities. But we were all together in LOVE with our Wadi Rum experience.




The collective joy of being in one of the world’s most amazing locations with people who were all eager to make the most of every minute encapsulates the atmosphere of the trip. If you were on that trip: thank you for being a part of such a wonderful time.   Wadi Rum is a special place, a place for special memories.




As one of the lady’s on the trip so perfectly put it: it’s a place you can “leave the world behind, and live in the moment”.   No picture can capture the real radiant beauty of the landscape, or the fun had by us who went this weekend.   You better grab yourself a group of fun friends (or strangers who will become friends!) and go see it for yourself!


Check out one of the group’s encapsulation of her experience on this trip here.

Plus: for a video summary of the trip click here.

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