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St. George Church Madaba

Experience Culture: Madaba

Madaba is a city that may on the offset may seem less historic than modern, but it is a city with ancient roots (mentioned two times in the Old Testament of the Bible) that can still be explored today. We wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on experiencing a unique part of Jordan.


As you drive to Madaba the experience begins. On the outskirts of the city there are many family homes that have been there or generations. You’ll notice the goats and sheep wandering in the fields (green or brown depending on when you visit). As you enter the town, you will see it full of  life. People everywhere you look. Welcome to Madaba!


Before heading out to one of the many local attractions and experiences, check out life inside Madaba by first stopping at the Greek Orthodox Church of St. George. This church is has the famous map of the Holy City circa 70 AD. Not only does it depict Jerusalem, but it also depicts the areas of Palestine and the Nile delta.


Mosaic Floor in Madaba


As you leave the church, spend some time wandering the small tourist shops. Yes, they are touristy, but they also represent families who have for generations been shop owners in this area. The owners usually speak basic if not excellent English and they love to share about their city and country. Ask them some questions and don’t be surprised if they ask if you would like tea. The polite answer is “no,” “no,” “yes.” The last yes is so important! Enjoy your tea and chat away. It’s a great story to take home.


In Madaba there is also a Archeological Park where you can see more mosaics. It is easy to see why Madaba is well known for this art form.


Archeologocial Site Madaba


We don’t recommend leaving without a food break. There is a lot of food in Madaba. One of our favorites is Harat Jdoudna. It is fantastic restaurant in an old home.


Orthodox Church madaba


When you are ready to head out, there are many different options awaiting you. Close to Madaba you will find other attractions such as Mount Nebo, La Storia Museum, Dead Sea, Ma’in Hot Springs, Bani Hamida, Umm Ar’rasas and the Baptism Site.


Enjoy your experience in Madaba!