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Syrian Food in Jordan - Experience Jordan

Experience Culture: Traditional Tastes from Syria- Rosa Damascena

One of the best experiences to participate in when visiting Jordan is trying the food. In Jordan you can find food from all over the Arab world making it a dream come true for foodie travelers. One such place is Damascus Rose, a traditional Syrian restaurant. Delicious doesn’t event begin to describe the experience.


This special restaurant is a hidden gem. Located directly on 2nd circle, you may not see it if you are not looking because it has a wall which protects their garden area from the street noise. When you step in, you feel like you have entered a families garden.


The décor is gorgeous, light and spacious inside, with beautiful jewelled lights and comfortable, colourful seating; a lovely atmosphere in which to enjoy your meal.


Syrian food in Jordan - Experience Jordan mishowee


The menu is given in Arabic and English, and contains a large selection of mezze, appetizers (hot and cold), mains, sweets, and drinks, making it a top choice for a full dining experience, as opposed to a quick bite.


Due to the extensive selection, this restaurant meets the needs of meat-eaters and vegetarians alike with substantial dishes in both categories.


As with the most part of Middle Eastern restaurants, complimentary flatbread comes with your order, however the bread here is exceptional: freshly baked, still warm, light, and dusted with sesame seeds- delicious.


The best thing to do is to go with family and/or friends and order a varied selection of dishes for all of you to share: a few dips, some salads, several mains, and at least one thing you’ve never heard of- what is life without a bit of a gamble!


Syrian food in Jordan - Experience Jordan Salad


We highly recommend:


  • Mohammera bel jouz- a dip made from walnut pasts and red peppers
  • Shanklish- melt in the mouth cheese flavoured with a variety of spices
  • Eggplant fattoush- this spin-off of the infamous fattoush includes delicious wedges of eggplant, a wonderful addition
  • Batata bel kozbara o toum- fried potato with coriander, deliciously spiced; another Levantine classic
  • Muskhan- the traditional dish consisting of chicken roasted with onions, sumac, saffron and all-spice, served over flatbread, topped with pine nuts: the meat falls apart in your mouth- divine


The dining experience is exemplary: the service is traditionally Middle Eastern- so hospitable, the food is delicious and a true flavour of this region of the world.


We highly recommend this restaurant to everyone including, expats in Jordan and tourists: it makes for a wonderful experience.